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Apr. 3rd, 2009 01:31 pm
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So, because no post about This episode would be complete without it: the META.

I'm torn between disliking it for detaching me from the reality of the show and liking it because it made me squee (literally, at the screen, loudly). There are people out there complaining that it's poking fun of the fans, especially the wincest fans. However, I'll admit that Wincest quicks me out - a lot, so I may be slightly biased on this. But if there's anything to have a sense of humour about, it's writing gay, incestuous porn... I'm just sorry he finished getting published at No Rest for the Wicked, I wanted to see how Dean handled the angel porn out there.

On that note, I mentioned it in the [livejournal.com profile] spnfencentral reaction post, but I feel the need to mention it again - in the hopes someone will write it for me *puppy dog eyes*:

CASTIEL to CHUCK (the prophet): I'm a fan of your work.

Oho, really Castiel? How big a fan? I want fic where Dean asks him what he meant by that... Pretty please, with sugar on top?

Now... onto the rest. I may have been torn about the meta, but there were several things I was not torn about: Castiel is wonderful, Dean is brilliant and Oh Sammy. (Oh and Chuck is GOD, lol!) And Lilith...

So, in order:

Castiel is wonderful. Need I say more? The line above was just the beginning of his brilliance. Although from his 'praying is a sign of faith, that's a good thing' line, I'm thinking that he's beginning to come to terms with having faith in God and following his own conscience, which makes me joyous. His way of helping without helping was so utterly kickass that I was bowled over by it, and I had to watch that scene twice. Misha nailed that scene. He had this amazing almost smile on his face, and he looked... sort of mischievous.

And that line about Luke was also Castiel gold. People keep saying, like with the 'Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison, ask anyone.' line that he's trying to make a joke. I am totally in the camp that he is making jokes. I'm not sure whether he's able to laugh yet, but he's definitely making jokes. I think it's his way of trying to get through to Dean and it's working. Yay!

Dean is brilliant. His reaction to the Impala, his decision to get the hell out of town. Sam thinks that that isn't Dean. But I'm not so sure. At the end of Season 1 in Salvation (RIP Jim) he wasn't so much into the fighting thing either. He wanted to get the hell out of there. When something comes up that makes him think that Sam (or his Dad) might die, he'll fight it if he has to, but he does not like to confront it. Lilith sent him to hell, he thinks she might turn Sam darkside. Personally I think he was more Dean like in this ep than he's been for a while. Although, leaving Sam behind to face Lilith alone, not quite so Dean... hmm. But then he asked for help (and got help) and came storming in like the awesome big brother he is.

Oh Sammy. The discussion with Chuck about the demon blood. I have to confess that I did wonder during that whether Chuck was actually Lilith. He seemed a bit creepy. But that might just have been me being pessimistic and expecting every character to turn evil. I really want Sam not to turn darkside, I really want Ruby to be trying to turn him, and I want him to get power on his own... not from more demon blood. But he looks like he'll be able to kill Lilith. He definitely wants to kill Lilith. It's as though some part of his brain still hasn't cued in to the fact that Dean's back. He's still on his quest for revenge as though it's all he has left. I know Dean's damaged... but he's still there. We just need you two to get over yourselves as Zachariah would say, and get back to being awesome.

That's what I said last week too, wasn't it? *sigh*

Chuck: is made of awesome. 'Where are you going?' 'To kill myself' 'Don't be melodramatic, we'd just bring you back to life'. And the 'Horror is one thing, but to live through bad writing' and his insistence that he must be God and his reaction to Castiel and everything. I like him. And I like the tease they gave us at the end with 'is that all true, is it all going to happen'. Not as suspenseful as S2 hiatuses, or S1, but still.. 3 WEEKS till the EPIC FINALENESS...

Lilith... wasn't creepy. Admittedly, even with the mention of the gay incestuous porn, they didn't want to go towards paedophilia with one of their characters, but Lilith is creepy and scary when she's a little girl, or when she's acting like a little girl (damn, I still miss Katie Cassidy).

So... three weeks... That's far too long. But I'm watching S3 on Monday with Fred, and helping her catch up (yay... S3, Sammy without the demon blood sucking... KATIE CASSIDY) and I'll rewatch the series a million times and write Castiel fic that will never see the light of day, and Merlin fic that will see the light of day... and essays, and do revision, and eat chocolate, because it's Easter...

I'm hungry. Must be lunch time.


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