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I was weak... very weak. My will power is non existent and I watched the SOON part, however, that said, not including that in this post - there may be another shorter one for that, but this is purely 4x20.

Right... I only finished watching it about ten minutes ago, so it's all a bit crazy in my head.

FIRST - gut reaction: OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT! YOU LOCKED SAM UP... please tell me that this will lead to rehab and improvement of the brotherly bond... pretty please...

SECOND... in roughly chronological order:

1. Dean dreams of fishing. Awesomesauce. And Apparently there are people listening. This fact is clearly important and will be picked up again in my notes on Castiel at the bottom.

2. Castiel's vessel ep. They really did it! I swear I read somewhere that he was called Jimmy, but I just thought it was fanfic so it didn't spoil me. And he's all HUNGRY - I love the scene of him eating, and Misha Collins kicks arse as an actor because Jimmy is nothing like Castiel.

3. Apparently I really do only find Misha devastatingly attractive as Castiel - blasphemy. I can see that he's attractive at other times, but for some reason it's just Castiel *shrug*. Is that weird?

4. He has a family... ^_^ and :( at the same time. WOE. One knew they would have to get around that, there was no way they were going to get rid of Misha... (I hope).

5. Sam has DEMON BLOOD in his HIP FLASK. That scene made me a little sick.

6. Jimmy was crazy and stuck his hand in boiling water... I'm not surprised that his wife thought he was a crazy man.

7. Castiel's first words to Jimmy's kid: 'I am not your father' So much emphasis there on how far he's come as a character... also a small Star Wars allusion me thinks. Castiel is not Darth Vader people, just so you know.

8. Jimmy is an idiot, Jimmy's wife is an idiot (and did anyone else get the vibe that she'd been getting a little friendly with Jimmy's friend the demon?) But he obviously learnt some things: Salt for demons - good boy.

9. Always bring back up - it's the demon scout motto.

10. Always bring a big knife - it's the Dean Winchester motto.

11. Always check people for possession - it's rule one of the Winchester code. You did it to your DAD for heaven's sake... could you not splash a little holy water on the vessel and his family?

12. Sam's speech last week was obviously a precursor of his speech this week. Impressive Sam, just how unfeeling you can be. The guy just got his family back and you're telling him to commit suicide. Look - even Dean the apathetic is startled by that one. Or maybe you're just enjoying taking your anger at Castiel out on a version of him that doesn't scare the beejesus out of you and make you feel like a little kid.

13. Okay... remember #9? Yeah? So did the demon. But this time Dean took a leaf out of the Demon's book too.
----moment to comment on the fact that Dean's plan was to call out to Castiel for help. Like in Monster at the End of This Book. He's in a crap situation where he knows Sam's mojo's not working. The knife's been taken from him, and he's trusting that Castiel will help out - despite the fact that he has been dragged back to heaven and is undergoing PAIN of intensely biblical proportions.

14. SAM!... NO, just no. That is levels of wrong that... Wrong. Just wrong Sam. I find it ironic that Gordon Walker was first and foremost a vampire hunter and you've become exactly what he hated most... I couldn't watch that scene. I just couldn't. I had to look away. Dean saw, and Castiel saw - in the body of a little girl. Sam Winchester, this is your intervention.

15. *sigh* I get why they did what they did with Jimmy. They couldn't have his past life hanging over Castiel if he was going to become a proper regular (which I hope is what this means) and we've already established that Angelic vessels need to be willing (and apparently have special blood... I wonder what happens if Sammy drinks that?) and there was no way Jimmy was going to agree under any normal circumstances. Castiel was a dick to do that, using his daughter - but at the same time, by possessing her he made her the safest person in that room. She became literally invulnerable. It kept his promise and it was all he could do.

16. CASTIEL - WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? No, heaven cannot brainwash you... it can't.

17. Oh... Did I mention before - Sam Winchester, this is your intervention. And like all things, Winchesters can't do it by halves.


Further notes on Castiel:
Lifted from my comments on the [ profile] spnfencentral reaction post because I thought I put it quite well there:

Brainwashed!Cas... I'm wondering if it's real, or if he's just trying to avoid notice - like he said in Dean's head at the beginning, people might be listening. And is that even Castiel? What evidence do we have that the same angel came in as went out?

I hope he's not back to being a hammer - rewriting all the character developement he's been given just seems ridiculous at this point. They've spent so much time on him - they gave him a whole episode, really, which is more than any other supporting character ever has had, it can't just end with 'And then the angels wiped out his personality and he went back to being a happy little soldier content to sing and worship and die for an unknowable God with a smile on his face'.



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