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I've sort of got used to being uncertain in the first few minutes of an episode whether I'm watching Supernatural or Criminal Minds. They tend to start in very similar ways and it takes me a good five to ten minutes some weeks to stop thinking 'Aaah! Ghost!' and instead think 'Aaah! Serial Killer!' (and then Spn does one of its not so supernatural episodes and I just get completely confused).

This wasn't one of those weeks, although it did remind me a lot of a certain season 1 Spn ep (those of you who watch both will know what I'm talking about).

Why did none of this victims just get out of the way? The first one could have just run for the trees. I know there was a drop, but it's easier to handle that on foot than in a car. Just go down a little bit, dodge to the side and the driver has no chance (and yes, I know that's pretty much manslaughter, but it's the driver's own stupid fault for trying to kill you) The second one ran down the car ramp instead of heading for the stairs entrance (which must have existed).

Honestly. He was the most easily avoided serial killer in the world.

Sigh. I do love the show, but it does expect me to accept an unbelievable level of stupidity from its victims some weeks.

That said, SECRET NINJA!HOTCH TO THE RESCUE (okay... so it was less ninja, but there was still epic stealth and timing involved). There should be more ninja!Hotch...

That said: anyone know of any other secret ninjas? I have Hotch and Harry from Spooks, both of whom cover up their AWESOME NINJA ABILITIES with suits and ties and then, when forced to do so, become EPIC STEALTH WARRIORS. There have to be others.
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