Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Another four inches this morning and it has been snowing on and off all day so far. It doesn't look real though. It's all in itty bitty balls. If it weren't for the fact that it's melting in places where there are cars and grit and the temperature's quite low, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a polystyrene factory had exploded.

But my new shoe/boots are officially awesome. I didn't fall over twice and I was walking at almost my normal walking pace, also - my feet are dry, and they're comfortable. I should buy kids' boots more often (boys, I might add) they're cheaper and did I mention they are so comfortable.

It just started snowing again, quite heavily. Yay! Now I'm inside I can be happy and smug and not getting snow in my eyes and ears. Joy.

In other news: DSU brownies still rock my world. My essay on Old Norse Mythology is apparently technical and could be a very good essay (don't you hate it when people say that, especially with the accent on the 'could', you know they're thinking: 'this would be good if someone else were writing it, but as it's you I suppose we'll have to hope for vaguely coherent'). And I got a 65 for my craptastic attempt at a comparison between Blake and Coleridge, despite the fact I used Blake's Songs, which (I heard the tutor telling the person before me) are a little too simple for use at a University level. Admittedly, in order to pull my degree up to a first I'd need to drag that mark up to a 75, but that's doable right (if I avoid the stupid grammar mistakes and the paragraph long sentences... right?)

So I'm screwed if I want a first. Oy vey. C'est la vie and all that jazz.

I want to play in snow, but I have two essays to write.


If I curl up into a ball and lie on my bed with my fingers in my ears, do you think the essays will give up and go away?


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