Feb. 10th, 2009

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Dude, extension on [livejournal.com profile] reel_merlin. w00t. Which means I have an extra week in which to do it... admittedly at the same time as writing my dissertation, but there's always something, right?

Also... there was something else I wanted to say, what was it? There's a sweepstake for premiere tickets to Watchmen in LA, but it's only available to US residents (mainland). I know that they're paying for airfares, and that International air fares would be extortionate (and there are probably millions of other reasons) but I am still put out about it.

I popped in to Waterstones today, I'm trying to get Anansi Boys with my gift card, but it's never in stock when I go in, but I have fallen in love with the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic section of our Waterstones. It's right at the back and it's all enclosed. I have actually spent over half an hour just staring at books in there before now. The reason I bring it up is that there's a 'we recommend' section on the comic book shelves dedicated to Watchmen tie in merchandise. They're selling the Complete Watchmen as part of the 3 for 2 as well, so it's not like they're selling it on its own (nor is it like with The Golden Compass where they rebranded the books to go with the film - which I am still angry about (I mean, if they can call Harry Potter Sorcerer's stone and Philosopher's stone, and other countries are allowed to have their own names for it, why couldn't the UK release be Northern Lights) I didn't actually see the film, I'll admit due to timing issues, but still... grrr. In fact, it's not really the renaming of the film that gets me, it's the renaming of the books.

Sorry [/rant].

So, yes, Watchmen merchandise, Watchmen film. I hope they pull it off (and if they screw up the ending I will be so angry.)

In more television based news: Supernatural is once again in the dreaded H word... and already there are multiple spoiler alerts all over the Internet. It seems like every day three more spoiler warnings come up. If it's like this now, what'll it be like by March 4th?

So far 0/3000 words on Essay two... I know, I know - I suck at this. But I'm planning on writing it all tonight in one huge flurry of erudite brilliance.

I know, I know, but I can dream, right? And as soon as this essay's done (and I've read Absalom, Absalom! for Friday, then I can relax for one day, then my parents come up, then I have the dual joy of [livejournal.com profile] reel_merlin and dissertation... shortly followed by an easter holiday filled with writing three essays (and, incidentally, my 21st birthday) followed by revision, followed by exams...

I can relax in June... that sounds about right, doesn't it? June... it's only 4 months away...four months? Wow, time really does fly when you're trying to ignore deadlines.

Oooh... and other television news: Being Human (Sunday 9 o'clock BBC3, I think) is awesome. It's dark Supernatural/horror/comedy... with the accent on the dark for everything. It involves a werewolf with major self-esteem issues (Allons y, Alonso from Dr Who), a Vampire who's on the wagon and can't really separate sex from snacking and a ghost who obsessively makes cups of tea she can't drink, and they all live together. Wacky hijinks ensue (dark wacky hijinks. I cannot stress the dark enough, there's vampire porn, except vampires don't show up on film, so it's just a naked guy dying; and the werewolf has... control issues, and I won't even get into the ghost). The vampires are planning total world domination, the three housemates just want to try and be normal. I've had to i-player it, owing to us not having digital and all, but seriously, watch it if you can.
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Given that last time I just spammed with wordcount totals (honestly, it was worse than Nano ^_^;;) my sincere apologies, I will attempt to keep my word counts on this essay to this post because, though I can't imagine anyone gives a crap, I need somewhere to keep track.

So... here goes, as of now I have 1 and a half paragraphs at 503 words.

ETA (22.21): 912 words, but still not off the first proper paragraph... uh oh, this could end up going over severely.

ETA:(22.37): 1183 words, first main paragraph done and chocolate eaten (one row every paragraph I complete ^_^, I reward myself for good behaviour... is that weird? It's new galaxy stuff as well, with cookie pieces in. It's good mmm... chocolate) I think I need a drink.

ETA (12.01): Gave up for the night after that last update, started again this morning. 1636 words... only half way through paragraph two. At this rate I'll have to scratch the paragraph on death, which is annoying, because I like that one. It's strange to be coming in over the wordcount after the last one, where it was an uphill struggle the whole time.

ETA (12.48): 2071 words... and I'm fitting in the paragraph on death, awesome. 1.5 paragraphs + conclusion to go... Then I just have to reread and edit both of them. Joy.

ETA (14.00): 2801 words (and I've had lunch and watched an episode of the Big Bang theory, whoop!) Conclusion to go and then I'm DONE! I might get to do something else this week other than write sodding essays.


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