May. 7th, 2009

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I've sort of got used to being uncertain in the first few minutes of an episode whether I'm watching Supernatural or Criminal Minds. They tend to start in very similar ways and it takes me a good five to ten minutes some weeks to stop thinking 'Aaah! Ghost!' and instead think 'Aaah! Serial Killer!' (and then Spn does one of its not so supernatural episodes and I just get completely confused).

This wasn't one of those weeks, although it did remind me a lot of a certain season 1 Spn ep (those of you who watch both will know what I'm talking about).

Behind a cut in case anyone cares about Criminal Minds Spoilers ) There should be more ninja!Hotch...

That said: anyone know of any other secret ninjas? I have Hotch and Harry from Spooks, both of whom cover up their AWESOME NINJA ABILITIES with suits and ties and then, when forced to do so, become EPIC STEALTH WARRIORS. There have to be others.
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Wow... two posts in one day, I'm in danger of becoming active.

Just finished watching the Scrubs finale. I can't believe it's over - for real this time.

And they didn't screw up the ending. It was cheesy, but it was Scrubs cheesy.

I always feel like this when a series ends that I love. I was never obsessive about Scrubs and I've mostly watched it on and off, but it's kind of weird.

Then I thought about what it's going to be like this time next year watching the last episodes of Supernatural.



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