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I am so hyper... off two pints of coke. I don't know why! But that isn't what's put me off coke. That would be Mike, doing a centurion of it. He is sooooooooo hyper it's almost unbelievable, he's also beginning to have chest and muscle pain.... I think that much coke might be toxic. How much is 100 shots exactly? WIKIPEDIA.... lol

*bounces* Darn I have 4 hours tomorrow - and that may not seem that much to anybody else but I'm a lazy arts student and it's one on one off all day, which is annoying, there are expletives to go there.

I'm so hyper I'm listening to Meatloaf at full vol on my headphones and restraining myself from singing along because it would irritate my neighbours. But Bat Out of Hell should be YELLED. I can't swear - it's lent and I gave it up again. It's not going too well. I gave up chocolate as well.

Back to the centurion - 8 of them tried it, 7 finished. one on Strongbow, 4 on Carlsberg/Carling, I think they changed half way through because the bar ran out, two on worthingtons, though they misjudged and ended up on stringbow as well and one... one on coca cola.

I am playing imaginary drums - I can't play the drums! I've been hanging around with Christophe too much... aaaaargh.

I ended up timing them from about half way through. I have to say, the Philosophers' drinking song was appropriate, and the muppet treasure song was cool, or would have been if hey hadn't kept getting the verses mixed up. However, half of my corridor knows what I was doing, so they probably have some very strange ideas about me now. I didn't realise how late it was, I meanit's not late going by usual university standards, but I thought it was about 10, although if I'd taken the time, they'd started after 9 and there was a shot a minute for 100 minutes, so, heh.

#On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?#

Now everyone around here's in their room and I have nothing to do but post on here, read fanfic and watch TV.... and uh, listen to Meatloaf. dunuhnuhnuhnuhnuh etc....

and sway.... lot's of swaying.... you can tell when I get really hyper, I over use ellipsis.... heh, and there ends up being four rather than three. At least my fingers aren't quite tripping over each other. There was mutterings of centurioning a sh... a fourletter word face... which would be completely impossible. They'd be soooooo dead. There's also been discussion of a yard of said swearwordface drink, which might very well knock you unconscious.

Saturday was Aidan's day, and it kind of rocked... there was orange, and games and everyone (bar me and a few other select people) got completely hammered. Martin was on 22 drinks. And he was fine the next day.

I'm still typing frantically. Other things - season 2 of spn, not as good as season 1, but that's always the curse of the second season, I imagine it will - sorry clapping time - just remember that you have no sense of the time I'm am writing this in, whoops. Oh dear.

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.... I need something to do other than sit and restrain my voice.

BUt writing in this state would be a bad idea - can you imagine the sugar induced CRACK that would churn out? No, I can.... maybe I should try and choose next year's modules. I haven't mentioned that yet have I. I have to choose the modules for second and third year - NOW, well, by the 16th March, which is the same date as 4 of my essays are due in. The essays I haven't even thought about yet. I've half done the one for Friday, haven't looked at the titles for the one for Monday yet.

#And I know that I've been released but I don't know to where... nobody's gonna tell me now and I don't realy care#

ok - calmer, some of the sugar has apparently passed through my system now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. THat was for the module choices thing btw, from the cursory glance I have given said horror the modules all look soooooo boring. I want something happy like 'fantasy worlds' or 'creative writing' Why did I have to choos to go to a university that takes English seriously? It's not a serious subject, it's a doss subject. I DO A DOSS SUBJECT! Maybe I should have been a scientist.

Not the time for that, time enough for that when I CRASH AND BURN. Oh dear, I am using the Harry Potter Capslock o' DOOOOOOOOM (c) That's a problem. NOOOOO NOOO NOT THE CAPSOCK O' DOOM!

It's kind of ironic that that's in the capslock o' doom, huh? Irony - whast an overused word. Does anyone actually know when it's truly appropriate to use it? I sure as heck don't.

Oh, and I met one of my brothers friends in the bar, at least I think he was a friend, he recognised me, which was odd. He came over and sat down next to me and asked if I was me... I said yes. He did Eng Lit too, and is now a post-grad. I should ask my brother about him.

Anyway, I've been typing this for long enough now. 26 and a half minutes to be precise - yeeeeeeeeesh.

That's the thing about music, it tells you timingness, which is not a word. It's almost midnight and I should be tired, but I'm really not. Did I mention I got one of my pints of coke free? Oh dear, I can feel an ache in my chest now as well... Considering how many pints Mike had his must have been so much worse.

325g of sugar apparently in 100 shots.
383mg of caffeine... the lethal dose is 10g... so he was nowhere near that.

The lethal dose of sugar is 3 quarts.. what does that mean? approx 3 litres? Uh a gram ~ 1ml, 325ml of sugar... ok, still nowhere near there. That helps.

How many pints is 100 shots? 1.5 fl. oz. in a shot glass, a pint is ~20 fl. oz. 150 fl. oz. /20 = 7.5... no way, that's ridiculous, there can't have been that much.

take it as the smallest shot glass - 100/20 = 5 pints, that's more reasonable, but still, that does throw all my previous calculations off. Uh... 2/3 of everything above. Why did they not calculate this before hand and plan accordingly? so it's more like 200g of sugar and 260mg of caffeine... Why am I doing maths at half past midnight. Maybe I should just delete the last part, but then all my hardwork and research would be for nothing.

I am not waiting to crash, I can feel that it's going to happen soon, my fingers are beginning to get tired and I think I've been writing this out for at least an hour now. Oh dear, maybe I should stop, but I'm not sure how to, I could probably keep typing until I fell asleep at the keyboard if necessary.

Wow, the maths up there is probably so screwed up. I don't particularly care though just as long as I never do that. Too much sugar, too much caffeine too quickly.

The alcohol was bad too, but I can't be bothered to work that out. How many units in a pint?

Strongbow - 4.5% ABV 2.556 units a pint, 5 pints.. 12.78 units
Carlsberg - 3.8% ABV 2.1584 units a pint, 5 pints... 10.792 units
Worthington - 4.4% ABV 2.4992 units a pint, 5 pints... 12.496 units

Lethal dose 400ml upwards. unit - 10g of alcohol... 12ml now apparently =10g so

Strongbow 12.78x10=127.8 Ans/12=10.65 Ansx10=106.5 ml So, 1/4 lethal dose...
Carlsberg 10.792x10=107.92 Ans/12=8.993(rec) Ansx10=89.93
Worthington 12.496x10=124.96 Ans/12=10.413... Ansx10=104.13

hmmm and you process a unit an hour... so it's going to take them approximately 12 hours to stop being drunk, or 13 indeed is they drank the Strongbow, so they finished at 11.30pm... until 11.30am tomorrow, or 12.30 depending. Admittedly it took them an hour and 40 mins, so possibly a little before that, I'm not entirely sure how it will work.

That is too much maths, and I need to sleep cause it's almost one, so I've been typing this for an hour and a half about. Suffice it to say they should still be drunk in the morning. Of course, the maths is probably wonky... very wonky, but I'm not really in the mood to care right now. Sleep time.

Great, and I have to get a packed lunch tomorrow, sucky.



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