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Okay, Christmas shopping mostly done. (Fred, I may have gone slightly mad when buying your present, be aware that I had been in town for several hours, had a lengthy conversation on the phone with my mother that was oh so useful and generally just had more screws loose than usual). Still got my grandparents to buy for... what do you buy the people who own everything ever made ten times over?

Mum suggested common sense, but sadly I have no idea where to find that.

Ooh, though, my present (one of) for Mum is pretty and shiny and I will post picture when I get round to getting stuff off my camera.

Other news. When I get round to writing my [ profile] reel_merlin fic (starting soon) it will probably become epic. Apparently I want to have Arthur in therapy... throwing things, while Merlin sits outside calmly flicking through a magazine which includes the headline 'my moobs ruined my life'... I read it over someone's shoulder on the train, okay? Along with that, there is a supporting cast of Gaius, Gwen, Morgana, Lancelot, the guy who had knives thrown at him in episode 1, Gawain will no doubt make an appearance, the Dragon (only human) Uther, Sophia, Nimueh and others.


In other news, I had a conversation with myself (out loud, because why would anyone have a conversation in their head while walking through town in public?) which went a little like this:

Dude, I should stop talking to myself.
I say dude too much, dude.
Dude, I have got to stop saying dude!
DUDE! Stop it.

Seeing as I am both female and, more importantly, British, and reasonably articulate (when I'm not completely sleep deprived) this is obviously a sign of some horrible brain tumour that is in the part of my brain that suppresses 'surfer' tendencies.

I think the people I passed would probably agree, although they may have been more concerned by the arguing with self part of the conversation.

Also, went to see the nice dentist man who poked my gums with sharp pointy things and told me that I should clean my wisdom teeth carefully (really? I should? I've just been leaving them to rot...) then proceeded to find that the one that had not 'erupted' or whatever the word was had inflamed the gum... which he then poked again with his pointy thing until it bled. He was very nice, but totally sadistic. It still hurts when I eat now. I wasn't having any problems with my teeth until I went to the dentist. Is this all part of their master plan?
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Okay, today I have:
- eaten mince-pies
- sung Christmas songs
- sung Christmas carols
- watched while my dad drilled holes into a Christmas tree in a valiant effort to get it to stay upright while swearing at it and calling it a son of a camel O.o;; (it leans forwards slightly still, but that just lends it character)
- untangled all the Christmas tree lights
- decorated the Christmas tree and
- read my secret santa gift fic at [ profile] merlin_the_elf (which is made of awesome, btw... read it, read it). My fic has also been posted, but I am sworn to secrecy... although there are at least two people who will be able to tell immediately.

I've also done research for my dissertation, but that is not Christmassy and therefore shall be overlooked as beneath this season of joy and festivity. (Although, when reading Tolkien criticism the comments scrawled in the margins are win. Honestly, the people reading the essays know far more about the books than the people writing them sometimes [and there was someone who thought that the Sam&Frodo parts of RotK and TTT were more interesting than the Aragorn/Gondor/Rohan parts and the actual war... ?!?])

Dude, it finally feels like December
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Okay, so it's not the next day, but it's sooner than last time (not that that's difficult).

I'm back up in the freezing cold hills now, and house hunting has started, tomorrow I'm going to look at a place and there are people coming round to see our house as well. It's a bit weird, seeing as we haven't really been here that long but that's the way it is I suppose.

Also, getting essays back again... Not looking forward to getting my Harry Potter one back (yes, I wrote an essay on Harry Potter... including the phallic symbolism of wands and Harry's Oedipal complex, along with a small debate on whether Dumbledore's homosexuality could really be said to be canon) as I only wrote it to show the tutor that I had no idea what I was doing and that she was useless. Yeah - I'm passive aggressive.

Also - I got a graphics tablet for Christmas. Now all I need is a decent graphics program and I'm home and dry... anyone who can tell me one I can download free while I'm saving money to buy one would be a lofe saver. I got Artweaver, but there was a slight problem and it ended up in German. I can't figure out how to use it.

I really need to start working on my summative essay - 3000 words, just under four weeks. Easy, except I haven't read the books, or the titles, most secondary sources will be checked out of the library by now and I'm sort of panicking.

Now is not the time to panic.

Now is the time to search out new books, new films and new rubbish (and check in on [ profile] spn_crackfic coz I'm useless and suggest a pficathon to tide us over when the writer's strike hits us).

Okay then... time to try and organise myself, again.
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I have no present for my uncle.

I am supposed to have a present for my uncle.

It is the 23rd of December.

It is also a Saturday.

I am going to see him on Monday.

Mum thinks I have a present for him.

Chances of me finding something for him when I have no idea what he would like: slim to none.

Time I spent in the library reading Terry Pratchett yesterday when I should have been finding him a present- 2 hours.

All hail me, the worst present buyer EVER.

Oh yeah - did I mention I really need something for my grandparents too, and I'll be seeing them on Tuesday?
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Wow, I haven't properly posted on here for ages, I guess university is a little more time consuming than I imagined.

I thought I was going to hate it - I love it. Admittedly the course is a little blah, and I don't have much opinion on it, but I would not change St Aidan's for anything, no matter whether Josephine Butler wants more students, uhuh. #There's only ooooooone Aidan's college! There's only ooooone Aidan's college! Walking along, singing this song, walking in an Aidan's wonderland!...#

I sort of miss it already, although, now that I'm home it feels like I've never been away, although, getting used to typing on an actual keyboard instead of a laptop is odd, and I keep making typos. My touch typing is really still intact however, as long as I don't think about it too hard. Things always fall apart when you think about them.

News that I have not had time to announce yet... Christmas, well, B-Ghetto unofficial Christmas anyway. I got presents! YAY ME! I got notebooks and glitter and gel pens and Dr Who DVDs (original series, Tom Baker) who knew they knew me so well! Tom, who I know got me the Dr Who DVD rocks, but I'm thinking I haven't been appreciative enough in front of him. I suck at thanking people, it makes me embarrassed. So I think everyone OTHER than him knows how much I love the present. Whoops! The C-curve secret santa, I got a fridge magnet (Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate) from Laura (although, as George pointed out, how do I know it's the only planet with chocolate?) and The Importance of Being Earnest on DVD... again - they've known me 10 weeks and they can buy me that? I'm not sure who got me the DVD... I think it was a guy, I don't know why. I suppose it could have been anyone. But I've only had conversations about Oscar Wilde with B-ghetto, so how does that even work? Is there intercorridor secret-santa communication going on? *SHOCK! HORROR!*

Anyway, if anyone from university knew this existed I'd say hi, but they don't, and none of them has a lj, crazy people.

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare. The only train that was cheap and not in the middle of a lecture left at 5 to 7 and didn't get in until quarter to eleven. It also involved standing on the almost deserted Tamworth station for (supposedly) half an hour in the dark. Fun fun! However, the second train was quarter of an hour late, so I almost froze to death. There weren't even any seats. brrrrrrrr. Plus my bag weighed a ton, which made getting on and off the train an experience, luckily a very nice guy on the second train helped me lift it on the baggage rack. In the first train I sat opposite a guy who had downed a bottle (a large bottle) of vodka and missed his stop. That was quite creepy. Maybe next time I just skip the lecture. Although, I did read 'All My Sons' in the afternoon, and made noodles, and had nonsense conversations with all the people who were staying behind a couple of days. I wonder if they've starved yet... Or maybe resorted to cannibalism.

To all my friends here at home, who DO know this exists, but probably aren't still reading, or indeed paying any attention. Where are you all? I presume we're meeting up some time. If anyone organises anything please remember to tell me, I do hate to be left out. How have your first terms been? Who isn't going back after Christmas? Who's been to hospital? Who has trophied a traffic cone? Who has dyed their hair purple?

I want chocolate... *sulks* and there isn't any here.

I want people... conversation,

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Just a moment to say Merry Christmas to Everybody.

Hope you all get some of what you want and all of what you need... and loads of chocolate of course, because chocolate is Christmas in edible form - unless you don't like chocolate in which case I wish you a chocolate free Christmas.

Oh, I hear Slade in the other room... g2g sing!

[EDIT: Apologies for the synonym mix up... I was typing fast... although really it's inexcusable.]


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