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In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Not lose any pencils.

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Wow, Christmas was fun... although once again my relatives kept the good old tradition of getting me things that could not be less me if they were aliens from the planet gloop! They always buy me pink clothes, always! Every single bloody year! Which, unfortunately stops me from being able to tell them I loathe the colour with the fiery hatred of a thousand suns, because that would be rude, so next year I get yet another pink article of clothing and it all goes round again. I have a collection of clothes I will never wear in my wardrobe and I always forget to throw them out.

However, I did get a chocolate dipping/fondue set.... which is absolutely gorgeous... big pots of chocolate that you melt and dip stuff into... excuse me as I mop up the puddle of drool.

I also got a guitar! A Guitar! For ME!? What the bleeding hell am I going to with a guitar (an out of tune guitar at that) I didn't want a guitar, I can't play the guitar, nor do I have any intention of learning. My grandparents' reasoning behind this was 'you can play better than your grandma' Not especially difficult, trust me... she didn't even know you used your fingers to make different notes. Okay, so it's an awesomely cool present, just very impractical, and far too expensive for something I doubt I'm ever going to use.

We also got freeview (yay!) and I got Endless waltz on DVD, which I have not yet watched, so that could be something to do today. Fred got me Shakespeare retold on DVD, which rocks muchly.

And I got a Heero badge! YAY! chibi Heero is so damn cute!

So over all, a very good Christmas.

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you have a good 2006, coz I doubt I'm going to update this before then.

PS- David Tennant is so cool as Dr Who!


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