Oct. 18th, 2008 11:19 am
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OKay, yesterday my computer died... like really died. SO badly that it couldn't load up the password page without going to BSOD. Even in Safe Mode.

I had no computer for approximately 24 hours!!

I am never going to take this for granted again. I'm about to start backing up all my stuff onto my email accounts so I don't lose anything I want/need if it does it again. (I'm fairly certain I haven't fixed it. This is probably only a small reprieve so I can take what I can while I can.

I have also learnt, through this experience that I need to pay more attention to error messages that appear onscreen because they can tell me what I need to do to fix things (I know, I know... it sounds ridiculous, but sometimes computers actually help you!^_^;;)

I'm just waiting for it to crash again.

Got to go email myself things.
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Gah! We switched computers, and now I have to download everything again and, if I do, it might make this computer as bad as our old one and Dad will eviscerate me and I shall die an ignominious death.

So, I won't be on messenger programs for a while.

And I have to try and find the art prog I had - I'm sure it must be available to download somewhere.

Seriously going to die when Dad finds out.

In other news, despite all the time I spend on the computer, apparently it is not hurting my eyes and they are fine and will probably remain so until I am in my forties. Gotta love the Opticians. I have been unable to obtain a labcoat however (Miss G. is going to kill me too... lots of people are going to kill me).

School on Tuesday.

I managed a back pullover, or two or three, in trampolining today - go me!

Um, yeah, that's really all.


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