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Croatia was awesome... and hot. Very hot.

We sailed around probably half of the coast and quite a few islands and I learnt a couple of interesting things:

1. Croatians don't like vowels. Brbinj and Krka being just a couple of examples of place names.

2. If given an option mosquitoes will bite you in places calculated very specifically to cause maximum damage. ie. your feet in the exact place where the buckle of your sandal will rub them. This gave rise to one of my bog toes flashing like a christmas light, and a blister the size of my fingernail on my other foot, which had to be cut off with scissors. Yes, I'll admit to being a bit squeamish of that.

Other than the mega-blister of doom, though, and the extreme heat, everything was brilliant. Sailing is fun, although often lacks the cooling breeze of motoring. Croatian scenery is phenomenal. I managed somehow to limp around Zadar and buy presents for everyone on the last day without collapsing of heat stroke or my feet falling off.

Zadar airport is insane. They have a level crossing over the runway... for planes. It's got three gates and there are ~5 flights a day out from there and one bus a day going there. Considering how large the city is, that's kind of incredible.

I wasn't seasick, which was cool, although I was sick for some unknown other reason one night, which was uncool.

We named a seagull Henry, and henceforth all seagulls shall be named Henry, just because. Ophelie followed fish around (we think she's gathering an army) and there was a rather interesting bay with a naked windsurfer.

Got home and watched Dr Who and it was awesome, both episodes. I loved every second of it... except maybe the hugfest.Dr Who )

Spoilers S3 Spn - Fred (and anyone else who hasn't seen any of it) )

So that's pretty much my life at the moment. Once again in a period between things. Mum will have me out job hunting tomorrow I have no doubt, so until then I will make the most of sitting around writing, reading and watching BtVS.
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Revision is dull.

But there's only one exam left, this afternoon and then I am free!

Well, apart from a meeting with my dissertation supervisor, for which I have to have a reasonable idea of what my dissertation's going to be on. At the moment that's pretty much a blank. I'm hoping I'll turn up, look at her with vacant terror and wait for her to tell me.

No, I don't think that's going to work either.

I'm also - officially - going to Croatia on my friend's boat for a week this summer. How insane is that? I have a friend with a boat in Croatia. O.o;; I still have to get travel insurance and stuff, and I haven't got my passport back yet, so I might not actually be going, but still. I am, as usual, apathetic about the situation, though. it seems more like one of those things that we talk about which never happens. It's now one of those things we talk about which is definitely happening. The transition has yet to take place in my head.

My epic post s3 supernatural fic now has a sequel in my head as well, which is crazy crazy craziness.

Just five hours and then I'll be able to start writing the damn thing. Who wants to bet that writer's block will start in as soon as I finish this next exam?

But, until then I should get back to Dickinson, Frost and Hughes. The exam questions on past papers aren't exactly easy, or specific, or normal... just random quotations, no actual question. So I really have to be ready for anything.

*gulp* but I should be able to blag it. I know more about these texts than I did about the Victorian ones... except the Wilde.


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