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Okay, so my brother has Dr Who action figures and I got bored a couple of weeks ago. When I get bored and I am around them, they tend to end up being piled on top of one another.

WARNING: this will probably eat your bandwidth, as I'm not sure exactly how big the pictures are... if they're too big I'll delete the post and resize them.

So... click the lj-cut to see THE AMAZING DR WHO BALANCING GYMNASTICS TEAM ) Featuring: The Gold Dalek, The Black Dalek, A Raxacoricofallapatorian Slitheen, the Slitheen's pig alien, The Mox of Balhoon, two spider bots and Rose Tyler.

... God I need a life.

Dr Who

May. 26th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Another Fandom post... that's pretty much all I use this for these days isn't it, how annoying of me! At least it's a bit more interesting than my daily life, though that's not saying much.

spoilers - ep and trailer )

Got to go revise now... exam on Tuesday, need to teach myself the Bible and the Aeneid and the Iliad/Odyssey/Metamorphoses/Oedipus Rex before then.
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spoilers )

Ok, fangirling over... well, lj fangirling over... those who I hang out with in RL will have to put up wth me for two weeks, luckily there are exams to take my mind off it...

exams that I should really do some revision for.

Ugh (but still *SQUEE*)

There may be a more coherent post later.
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I have my first sunburn of the year, it's not bad, thank God, because really it should be - I was out and about in the sun for a while, I guess I must be better at unconscious shade hopping than I realised. It is beginning to itch though, which is annoying, because if you scratch it, it hurts.

It was the school leavers' party yesterday evening - I was at home, and the theme was cowboys and Indians. I sincerely hope pictures will be up soon, because somethings I wouldn't pay to see, I would pay to see - if you understand what I mean. (Hannah - cowgirl slut not-vampire... cher wig 'n' all - heh!). Also, borrowed 7 DVDs yesterday, got in at 3:30 ish, I have since watched 5 of them... four last night, and written 6729 words on my JulNoWriMo. I also found the time to watch the penalty shoot out.

Of course, as soon as you hear the words 'penalty shoot out' and 'England' you know what's going to happen... but it is always a shame to see people cry on TV... and Ronaldo is going to be a national figure of hate, although apparently a lot more people dislike football than I have been given to believe. A lot more teenage boys, which is distinctly odd.

Dr Who was great! I refuse to say more than that right now, but WOW... okay I will say more (but no spoilers): this day has been 40 years in coming. I have had dreams about this story line... it is one of the things you think about but never think will actually happen. And I have just discovered how truly geeky I am. But still, 40 years is a long time to wait - particular;y since I wasn't alive for most of them! Fred, just a note, although I know you won't read it - THAT, at the end of the episode, that is what Doctor Who is about. It's not a keel and a sail and a hull an alien, his space-time ship and his companion, not saving the's about moments like that. And when I can be bothered to use italic tags and more you know something's special.

In a slightly less exciting news flash, which is not really a news flash at all, just rewatched King Arthur and was struck by just how bad the acting was (again) just how little chemistry there was between Guinevere and Arthur (again) just how gratuitous the sex scene was (again - although, to be honest, with such little chemistry and so bad a plot line it was sort of necessary) and just how good the slash pairings were (again). Seriously, the one fandom where, in proper Arthurian legend I am all about the het pairing but in the film it's Arthur/Lancelot Arthur/Lancelot Arthur/Lancelot... and Gawain/Galahad.

That is pretty much my life at the moment - oh yeah and I ordered the end of Farscape season 1 on DVD... but that's all right now.

(note to self - make new Dr Who icon)
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Okay - I wrote a few short supernatural ficlets before. Character studies and that sort of thing, but I got this idea on Friday for a one-shot sort of AU scene, and then I started writing i and now it's developed into a 6000+ word multipart epic. It is gradually taking over my life, and the bad thing is, it's definitely going to end up AU, because it concerns all the main plotty stuff and I haven't seen the end of the series yet.

I do hate the fact that it's already out of date in so many ways when I'm only just beginning to write it.

I'm enjoying writing it though, which is good. Although I'm not sure I'm keeping people in character very well. Missouri is a bitch to write it you haven't only just watched 'Home'.

I'm very well aware that most people who read this (if anyone does) will know next to nothing about Supernatural other than the fact that it's my latest obsession and whenever we talk about it Fred goes off on a rant about Jensen Ackles and I go off on a rant about how I love that car (*fangirls car*). I just felt the need to have a little rant abou it is all. I'm supposed to be revising. My exams are (a scarily small number of) weeks away and I'm sitting here typing away at something that will probably never be shown to anyone other than Will, and possibly Fred.

When my muse attacks it attacks with avengeance. I'm just worried all this creativity now will mean that I'm going to be able to do absolutely nothing with all my free time in the summer. I do tend to have exceedingly long dry spells after writing things like this.

Spoilers for Dr Who )

G2g, lunch. Thank God, a reason to get away from the computer!
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Holy Bad Wolf Batman!

Dr Who was so F'ing amazing...

Spoilers )

**huggles episode**

Love me, love Dr Who...

^_^ Lol

I'm literally buzzing. I need the series on DVD now... NOW

More to the point - I need a new icon: he's no longer back, he's here to stay!

and remember - all of you with power at the BBC If you don't Bring back Jack:



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