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Okay, so my results finally came through yesterday and it's... not bad. I already know people who hate me for moaning about this, so I'll keep it brief.

63.66666... overall, which is fine, it's a 2:1, but really, I want a First. I know, I sound greedy, but there's... well, pressure and stuff. Luckily, my degree is weighted 40%-60% between this year and the next so it's not completely impossible. But I do need an average of 74% next year to pull my level up. Considering I've only ever got 72 before... next year should be interesting. Guess I'll have to work extra extra hard. A lot harder than this year, but considering the amount of work I did this year... that's not exactly asking a lot.

It was the compulsory module that got me, the one where my tutor was complete crap. I got a 51 which is barely a 2:2 and is 6 marks lower than the worst mark I'd ever got before. I blame the tutor, because I honestly had no idea what I was doing in that exam and spent half my time reading Harry Potter (what? It was open book, we could take whatever fiction we wanted in, and I managed to work in the words 'symbolic castration' with regards to the Dursleys).

But still, I need to start getting firsts for everything next year, and I'm not sure I can do that...


but still, a 2:1 is good.

I texted my parents to tell them and I still haven't heard back. I find this odd, considering my Mum's always at me to communicate with them more, you'd think they would support this by, I don't know, replying? Meh.
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Revision is dull.

But there's only one exam left, this afternoon and then I am free!

Well, apart from a meeting with my dissertation supervisor, for which I have to have a reasonable idea of what my dissertation's going to be on. At the moment that's pretty much a blank. I'm hoping I'll turn up, look at her with vacant terror and wait for her to tell me.

No, I don't think that's going to work either.

I'm also - officially - going to Croatia on my friend's boat for a week this summer. How insane is that? I have a friend with a boat in Croatia. O.o;; I still have to get travel insurance and stuff, and I haven't got my passport back yet, so I might not actually be going, but still. I am, as usual, apathetic about the situation, though. it seems more like one of those things that we talk about which never happens. It's now one of those things we talk about which is definitely happening. The transition has yet to take place in my head.

My epic post s3 supernatural fic now has a sequel in my head as well, which is crazy crazy craziness.

Just five hours and then I'll be able to start writing the damn thing. Who wants to bet that writer's block will start in as soon as I finish this next exam?

But, until then I should get back to Dickinson, Frost and Hughes. The exam questions on past papers aren't exactly easy, or specific, or normal... just random quotations, no actual question. So I really have to be ready for anything.

*gulp* but I should be able to blag it. I know more about these texts than I did about the Victorian ones... except the Wilde.
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Oh-kay then.

Perhaps watching the season finale of Supernatural the night before I had an exam was a bad idea...

Perhaps it's an even worse idea to start writing an epic post-finale fic the morning before said exam...

Perhaps it's a bad idea to be updating my livejournal with a list of bad ideas an hour before said exam...

heh, I never said I was good with the ideas. Anyway, 2 essays, 3 hours, that's half an hour longer per essay than I usually get these days. I figure that if I screw up I can always rewrite an essay...


But still, epic post-finale fic is begging to be written, and it has a prologue. I haven't written anything with a prologue in years.

But still, I should have waited until after Friday.

There will be season 3 squeeage and omgage and wailingage after my exam.
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I am going to fail an exam tomorrow, and before you all start with the 'I'm sure you'll be fine' stuff. I am going to fail it because I didn't start revising for it until 10pm tonight.

See, told you I was going to fail.

Have to sleep now so that I can get in some revision in the morning.

Good night.

PS. Is academic suicide a good enough reason for mitigating circumstances?
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Oh... fiddlesticks! Never has having given up swearing for lent been more annoying. FUDDLE and SUGAR and DARN and POOT!

I have an exam... in less than two hours, and I have done no secondary reading for it. I've barely done any primary reading for it and I can't remember a thing apart from 'I have travelled much, I have attempted much and I have tested the powers much' and 'Since it is said you are wise and you, Vafthrudnir, know." Which might get me through a third of a third of the paper, but are not going to be much bleeping use in the essay question at the end.

Ah well, it's only 3.333...% of my overall degree. And I can bump this module up with the essay - probably, I hope.

so... 41%, that's all I need. 41%

lalalalaaaa... Me? Worried? Never.
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Okay, so I have A Literary Theory Essay to write (on Feminism, because that seems easy and there were books in the library) for Tuesday. Easy - 1500 words, except I also have an exam in Old Norse on Wednesday afternoon that I have not started revising for (this consists of 1 unseen translation, 3 seen translations and an essay question - in two hours) and a Victiorian Lit essay for which I have read no books, for Friday.

I also need to decide on modules for next year, and also look at stuff for my two summative essays for over the Easter holdiay because I'm going to need to take my secondary sources home. I have not yet booked my train.

In slightly better news (as in stuff I did while procrastinating from my essays) I signed up for [ profile] remixredux08. I was very lucky with my assignment in that the person shipped the same way as me, if with a different tone. But did I go for my pairing? No. Oh and I now have LOTS of story. It needs serious editing and I can't write NC-17.

Also had the Informal Ball last night. I was Vitalstatistix from Asterix. Lots of people got very very drunk. It was... tiring.
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I just failed a maths exam.

I knew I was going to fail, went through a practise paper last night and could do a whole 0 of the questions.

What really gets to me though, is that I figured out how to do 1b two seconds before the end of the exam.

Ah well, my friends have now deserted me for warmer climes (read English lessons) which is slightly irritating. Woe is me!

I'm feeling slightly melodramatic, can you tell?

It is a relief though to have a couple of free periods for the first time in weeks where all I actually have to absolutely nothing. Except that pesky English coursework, but let's be serious shall we - I haven't got any of that with me and I'm not exactly about to waste a decent day with writing about bloody Catcher in the Rye, am I?

God, and I want to do English at University - what is the world coming to?

There's an exam in here now as well, pity really as now I can no longer talk, although, technically, talking in the library is not the best idea, especially not with the new librarian who is a silence nazi I swear. She likes me I think (she really does not like Hannah) but she still insists on absolute silence even if it's just me and 1 other person, who are whispering to each other.

I also have birthday presents, and a Christmas present, not that it's my birthday, not for another 4 months yet, or that it's Christmas. These are from last year... and the year before. Very cool... and made me quite a bit happier before the exam from hell.

Fred has, once again, left something in the library, you'd think after the birthday present I left two weeks ago that got nicked she would be more careful, but no, not her, she just leaves me to pick them up after her. She'll be lucky if I don't nick them this time. I seriously considering it.

...perhaps not that seriously. I'd quite like to survive till Christmas, see if I get the chocolate fountain I want... not that I will, but still, should be interesting.

Have no lunch today, however, so I'm going to have to buy food from the canteen, which should be another little adventure, I used to do it all the time, but now - not so much. With a bit of luck ther'll be something that looks edible, not that I think any of it's inedible, it's just that some of it doesn't... look so nice.

I'm now rambling about absolutely nothing, so I should probably stop.

Can't wait till tomorrow - Narnia!!!

Only 1 week and 6 lessons to go... or perhaps 8, but that's beside the point.

I need a new icon...


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