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Heroes: Volume 1: Finale )

I want to buy the DVDs now... and I only just got Supernatural Season 2 part 1 today. It's all shiny and new, and very economical with materials. I'm impressed.

But still, Heroes. ZOMG. AWESOME.

Also - had exam today, it went bleurghy... The Donne question was fine, I managed Herbert ok, but then I just screwed up Marvell so completely it wasn't even funny.

I still finished with time to spare though. I'm getting better at the speed writing thing again. My typing's speeding up as well. It's great.

3 down, 3 to go... should probably revise a little now. But I have new shiny DVDs. :(

I will look for Heroes screencaps. I want a badass icon.
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For once unrelated to fan stuff. Well, not really, but more about what's going on in my life than fanstuff.

Yesterday we managed to fit 17 people on a bed... not standing up. There are photos on facebook. I really have no idea why we did it, but somehow we managed it. There were also other hairbrained schemes involving rubber birth control devices, a saucepan of boiling water and someone's wardrobe. Make of that what you will, but it didn't quite work.

Today I have been trying desperately to revise. I have an exam on poetry tomorrow and I need to know Donne, Marvell, Herbert and at least some of Paradise Lost by heart before 9.30 tomorrow morning. See how monumentally screwed I am. So so so very screwed. Particularly as I ordered DVDs last week and some of them arrived today. The first 4 seasons of That 70s Show... so shiny and new, and I can't watch them. :'( But I had to check that they worked... right?

I know, I know. Lame excuse. And Supernatural Season 2 Part 1 should be arriving in the next couple of days so I am doubly screwed...

Pirates is out this week, but I won't be able to see it until next week because I'm a good girl and I do intend to try to pass my exams (40% has never seemed so impossible).

In wonderful wonderful news though. I might be going to see Bill Bailey! EEEEEE... he's going to be in Newcastle in November and a friend is going to try and get tickets. How awesome would that be?

I really need to get back to revision.

Srsly... poetry sucks. I like it, but it sucks.
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I hate wasps... hate them - h-a-t-e. One got into my room and was buzzing around so I left and got pulled into one of my friends rather revealing, yet highly disturbing conversations about pulling, pints and how much money it would take for people to strip in the middle of the college - with the hall half full of people.

That's not why I hate them though. When I'm outside I can handle it, they have lots of places to go, but when I'm inside they're in an enclosed space with me and there is a far higher chance of them attacking me... and I do mean attacking. I have had nightmares involving swarms of hornets attacking me at my school and killing everyone.

Ok - so that was a nightmare and I know they're not actually all after me, but still: me, small spaces and wasps do not go... ever. So I left, and when I came back it had stopped buzzing but was still in there on my curtain... I was going to leave when it (very slowly) made its way along the windowsill towards the open window - very slowly. v e r y s l o w l y.
It then proceeded to climb all along the window but not go out... so I shut it in the hinges. Which is not a very nice thing to do I suppose but I hate the fucking things.

I'm now all twitchy and keep looking behind me in case it managed to unsquish itself and is coming to get me. Or maybe it's ghost... Tomorrow I shall steal some salt from dinner.

That's a little weird isn't it? ^_^;;

Oh, on the other, less monster infested, side of my life. I have still done very littl revision, and I'm about to start getting worried. I know this would all be fixed if I could just get myself to concentrate on work rather than going on the computer. I may go to the college library tomorrow to force myself to do work not procrastination.

I have never had this much to memorise before, not all of the same type of thing anyway. I used to have to remember equations and methods of doing stuff, not just mountains of quotations. I have no critical stuff to put in my exam. I'm going to FAIL, yet no one seems to realise that just because I can write a decent essay in my room on a computer with the books in front of me and very little pressure does not mean I can write a decent essay in exam conditions when I've got another two to write, I'm writing long-hand and It actually counts towards 1/6 of my year.

*many varied expletives*

I'm so screwed...

and I'm starting to - something. I'm sure there was an end to that sentence when I started it.
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I am going to fail my FP3 exam... there is no doubt of this. I have been revising all day, I can't do complex numbers and I only just finished matrices. I still have three chapters to go, including vectors (which is going to take me decades) and I don't understand anything I've done yet.

Good thing is - my brain has died, so I'm not even going to notice failing. Bad thing is I'm not sure it's going to recover before Monday, when I have my last exams, which are together, synoptic and Chemistry and therefore a bitch.

I should get back to it, but my headache just won't go away and I keep staring at the page like it's the television screen, as though it's just going to talk me through my revision, which would be wonderful, but alas, has yet to be done properly.

An interactive revision page thingy. That would be cool.

Can anyone teach me complex numbers in the next half hour?
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Well, England are currently playing against Trinidad and Tobago - reasonably according to my brother (who just got back) apart from when they shoot. He's getting far too into it and watching him is far more exciting than watching the game. You can always tell how the football's going in my house just from listening to the outbursts.

I just signed up, due to linkage from Fred, and persuasion from both her and Hannah - although to be fair I did ask for Hannah's opinion - for two claims at [ profile] fanfic100 Alec (X5-494) from Dark Angel and John Winchester, which will give me something to do this summer, anyway. I may sign up for more, but I'm not quite as suicidal as I seem.

There is a distinct lack of decent father's day cards in the shops... which sucks a little since now I have to either make my own, or go back. I probably should have got a present anyway, but I never know what to get: chocolate gets me a disapproving look from Mum and buying books is always a little hit and miss. The problem with my family is I never know what they want... or like really. Except my brother, but given that the only reason I know what to get him is because he tells me straight out, I shouldn't use him as an example really.

Next week is my hell-week, and not in the good way. I have 4 exams two of which I know nothing about, the third of which I really really need and the fourth of which I not only really need I need to learn two books full of quotations for. Chemistry and FP1 are on the same bloody day, which is so unfair I'm considering... well, some great act of violence against the people who planned it.

But after that I merely have my double chemistry synoptic (and not so much synoptic) to sit... yay. Then it will all be over - forever.

And that still hasn't sunk in.

Give it time, Give it time. This time next year I'll be coming home from university and suddenly realise 'I'm not at school anymore' - I'm just like that.
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Cut for spoilers to the last two eps of Supernatural... for anyone on my f-list who hasn't seen em already

I'd forgotten how brilliant  )

English Synoptic today - I septn most of the weekend trying to memorise poetry and novels and a couple of plays. Of course, can't remember anything now except the fact that the First World War was mega-depressing and I kept feeling worse after I'd revised than before.

Just another 7 more to go after this one... already had two. Need to revise chemistry at some point because, let's face it - that's a grade I actually need. But my notes are such a mess I don't even know if I can find half the stff I need to revise. Shit this is bad!

Ah well - so I'm going to fail chemistry... at least I'll have fun doing it!

Also wrote a scary piece of Ben and Dean interaction yesterday - but I need to watch the ep with Ben in again to make sure it's all ok. Had another idea for a crossover as well... but I need to find some biographical details for some of the characters before that. Dean and Sam I know practically off by heart, but DA characters I'm not as sure about.

Hmmm, well.

What's the point of having a synoptic exam before the other exams? Huh...

See some of you in a few minutes, others later and others... possibly never. ^_^ The Internet is a weird place.


May. 18th, 2006 04:16 pm
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Okay - a few things. Aaargh I have exams in a few weeks time! And by a few I mean a really small number - like under three. I have yet to start revising, this is not good. I always start revising before now. I've never left it this late and these are the most important exams of my life so far... aargh I'm going to fail!

Now that I have that momentary crisis of faith in my ability to cram out of the way, onto more interesting things. Hannah's DVDs arrived and she is NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH THEM WITHOUT ME! That is the rule. It is important... so unless I'm allowed to come round tonight you CANNOT WATCH THEM tonight, understand?

Okay, so I'm being a bit evil and megalomaniacal about this but I got you hooked dammit!

But still - DVDs! YAY!

star trek character test thingy )

Now I'm going to go... because, just because really. I'm debating whether or not to start putting the uberfic up, even though it is still far from being finished (and when you find out it's at 24 pages of A4 already that becomes a little scarier) but I may type up some of my other Supernatural stuff.


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