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I am merely dividing my time between my laptop which has all of my stuff on it, the house desk-top which has the Internet and staying away from a computer for long enough that my parents don't start nagging at me about eye problems and addictions again...

Comment fic addiction has, however, got out of hand. I now have the four from before PLUS

3 more spn fics
2 more Merlin
2 Gundam Wing comment fics... seriously.

and I have considered writing umpteen more Spn, several more Merlin and at least 1 Sky High and at least one Being Human - which I don't write in.

Oh, and the last of my findable hair ties died today so my disturbingly long hair is now going everywhere because I did not get round to getting it cut (what with the dissertation and the shiny shiny Internet). Seriously. It almost went in the toaster today. That would have been bad of epic proportions. But the hair was rescued, the bagel was toasted and I emerged victorious.

(Also, have rewatched spn 4x16 and I love it even more... just saying. Will make icons b/c visually incredible.)
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I really should be working on my dissertation (I have 4230 words... stop judging me) but I spent the entire morning re-reading over my [ profile] reel_merlin fic and FINALLY posting it.

It's over, thank God it's gone. 63000 words in the end (minus a hundred or so).

Aargh... and I really don't want to do my dissertation. I like it in concept. It's cool in concept, but in real life, I think it should get over itself and stop sounding pretentious.

It's like that character you think is awesome on screen but you really wouldn't want to meet in real life. Like The Comedian, or Rorschach.

Yes, I did just manage to boil my degree down to a Watchmen simile. My College Dad's entire dissertation was on comic books (inc. Watchmen [yes I know it's a graphic novel, so sue me]). I think I'm being pretty restrained.

One of my English teachers once had a theory that Buffy could teach you everything you ever needed to know about English literature as well.

Why didn't I do my dissertation on that?

Yes I'm procrastinating by babbling, but aargh...
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Dammit, dammit, dammit...

I'm on the final scene of my [ profile] reel_merlin fic (I know, finally) but Arthur and Merlin are refusing to get to the point, they keep talking in circles round each other and I have a page of them answering each other in questions and it's all going horribly wrong and is made of epic fail and I really hate this fic now.

(not to mention it's at 64k... SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND WORDS... that used to be the eleventh question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? *headdesk*

However, that and the slight deadline issue means for convenience two betas might be better than one. Any volunteers?)

Gah... I think I'll just delete the whole conversation and start again. The sooner I get this finished the sooner I can devote myself completely to my dissertation and other work and actually get some sleep instead of lying awake in bed trying to plan out my time).

ETA: Oh, and so far today I have:
greased up a chicken, felt up potatoes and conversed regarding the optimum bendiness of a carrot.

Yes, I was making roast dinner, why do you ask?
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Okay, so I know I should be writing essays, etc, and I have a [ profile] reel_merlin fic to finish, but this idea is slowly circling in my mind and I needed to get some of it down on paper/screen before it drove me insane. So this is an extract from somewhere in the middle.

So... brace yourselves, because it's kind of crazy (and unbeta-ed).

Merlin has a conversation with Nobby and Sergeant Colon about what makes a Prince.

Merlin/Discworld Crossover Snippet (yes, you read that right) )


(strangely, I own neither Discworld, nor Merlin... and I apologise to Terry Pratchett for the horrendous misuse of his characters)
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AU Merlin fic that is AWESOME and must be read by anyone who is in that fandom, and anyone who isn't and likes a good, vaguely humorous story about people in the modern world who have sort of super powers.

We're a Storm in Somebody Else's Teacup by [ profile] paperclipbitch

It's just one chapter at the moment, but it's brilliant.
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Today I did work... *listens to the gasps of surprise* I now have four pages of secondary source quotations for my Germanic Myth and Legend Essay. Only slight problem so far - I haven't reread the primary sources in the last... two years. Whoops. But all of that will be sorted tomorrow and Friday then I shall write it over the weekend and spend next week on my Forms of English Drama Essay of DOOOM...

I'm really not looking forward to that one. I'm fairly certain that everything we've learnt in the seminars has been pointless and superficial. Don't get me wrong, I like the tutor (she gave me awesome chilli flavoured Haribo that made my eyes water) but she does tend to get sidetracked by shiny things, and ask us to think about a masque to present to Gordon Brown... yep, that's right. A masque. Me and the guy next to me decided that we would have Fortune and Thrift as anthropomorphic personifications on either side of Gordon Brown, a huge dance number about the credit crunch and not borrowing money any more and then Gordon would give a speech and money would rain down from the ceiling...

But I get sidetracked. I was talking about my essay, I can't even remember what I'm going to write on at the moment, but I'm sure it will come back to me. It had better.

In other interesting things (well, interesting in a strangely bizarre way) just went out to buy cereal and discovered that the 375g packs were 89p each, while the 600g packs were £2.30 something or thereabouts. For some reason, that seems wrong.

Have got past first/second bout of writer's block on [ profile] reel_merlin and I've introduced Sophia... and Will, and Hunith. Poor Will is desperately in love with Merlin who's desperately in love with Arthur who is desperately in love with Sophia who is an evil bitch monster (as per usual) So what if it's cliche and terrible? I'm having fun!

And I will post the next chapter of Equilibrium tonight because it's been almost two weeks now and I am a terrible person, but I got distracted by Christmas and relatives and New Year and shiny new presents and DVDs (The Sarah Connor Chronicles is awesome btw, and who cares if I'm watching the Terminator series in the wrong order).

I have more ideas for Morgana centric fic as well, apparently I love writing her, but I can't put her as a background character in Merlin/Arthur fics. She demands to be centre stage for some reason. Oh, and I really want to write something angst-ridden and dark and future revolving around Merlin and Arthur but there is only a want and not a plot, so that will have to wait *sigh*.

Strange thing... in one of my fics I keep typing hand in magic instead of hand in marriage. I've done it at least five times (crack! fairytale fic, don't ask) Does that mean something?

9 more sleeps until Spn
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My brain is mush.

I've got three Merlin fics going now. One is the [ profile] reel_merlin the others both started in the last two days. One of which is complete fairy tale crack, and the other is angsty Merlin-in-exile/on-the-run fic which seems to have developed plot (why does that keep happening) It was supposed to be short and involve Merlin and Arthur meeting up by accident somewhere and Arthur keeping his secret, but now it has grown (and has Gawain in. Yay Gawain!) and developed and apparently Excalibur is involved.

I wish something I wrote would just sick to the plan sometimes.

That's not the problem though, the problem is I think my muses are tired. I start writing and then I just get bored I should be doing work... I really should be doing work, but I can't bring myself to do that either.

Maybe if I start doing work my muses will star working again and then I will stop playing the stupid pinball game on my laptop and start actually doing something useful. Damn pinball's addictive, I swear. Not that I can play it properly, but I don't really care. I'm only trying to beat myself.

So... work, and then writing?
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Okay, Christmas shopping mostly done. (Fred, I may have gone slightly mad when buying your present, be aware that I had been in town for several hours, had a lengthy conversation on the phone with my mother that was oh so useful and generally just had more screws loose than usual). Still got my grandparents to buy for... what do you buy the people who own everything ever made ten times over?

Mum suggested common sense, but sadly I have no idea where to find that.

Ooh, though, my present (one of) for Mum is pretty and shiny and I will post picture when I get round to getting stuff off my camera.

Other news. When I get round to writing my [ profile] reel_merlin fic (starting soon) it will probably become epic. Apparently I want to have Arthur in therapy... throwing things, while Merlin sits outside calmly flicking through a magazine which includes the headline 'my moobs ruined my life'... I read it over someone's shoulder on the train, okay? Along with that, there is a supporting cast of Gaius, Gwen, Morgana, Lancelot, the guy who had knives thrown at him in episode 1, Gawain will no doubt make an appearance, the Dragon (only human) Uther, Sophia, Nimueh and others.


In other news, I had a conversation with myself (out loud, because why would anyone have a conversation in their head while walking through town in public?) which went a little like this:

Dude, I should stop talking to myself.
I say dude too much, dude.
Dude, I have got to stop saying dude!
DUDE! Stop it.

Seeing as I am both female and, more importantly, British, and reasonably articulate (when I'm not completely sleep deprived) this is obviously a sign of some horrible brain tumour that is in the part of my brain that suppresses 'surfer' tendencies.

I think the people I passed would probably agree, although they may have been more concerned by the arguing with self part of the conversation.

Also, went to see the nice dentist man who poked my gums with sharp pointy things and told me that I should clean my wisdom teeth carefully (really? I should? I've just been leaving them to rot...) then proceeded to find that the one that had not 'erupted' or whatever the word was had inflamed the gum... which he then poked again with his pointy thing until it bled. He was very nice, but totally sadistic. It still hurts when I eat now. I wasn't having any problems with my teeth until I went to the dentist. Is this all part of their master plan?
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But instead I am writing Merlin AU fic...

grr. I need to write two 1500-2000 word essays on books I have not read by next monday.

I am so screwed.
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Whoop! Essay done... well, I have to cut out over 500 words and add in references but meh - I can do that any time. And I had time to watch Merlin.

Spoilers for Merlin 1x11 )

I have two ideas for Merlin fic in my pocket and I have still got about five to finish (including epic fic of plotty doom *groan*) One of them is AU student!verse because... well, just because really, and I've been reading too many AUs and I had an idea for one. Plus - I am a student. Write about what you know as the person said. The other is just a line which I know I have to write into something. I have bad magic fic for [ profile] merlinflashfic in the works as well.

But, my first essay is done, there are two more to go, but they're not due in for two weeks... so I have a little time... that I should be spending on my dissertation and reading for tutorials, but if I get organised I should get everything finished in time.

One slight problem? Me and organisation had a falling out about year 7 and we still haven't made up. Maybe if I grovel.

But at least all of this gives me something to do on the train tomorrow.

Oh, but if anyone wants to, I also have an idea for Merlin fic based on Whose Line is it Anyway? with some characters only able to say two lines... so sue me, I want to write crack!fic. If anyone wants to supply me with suitably vague/funny/innuendoey lines I would be grateful. But maybe I shouldn't, seeing as I already have too much to do.
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Waiting for Spn 4.10. Lalalalalaaa

That and reading for my dissertation, which honestly I have to pat myself on the back for. No one else I know gets to read books on the origins of the Phoenix myth and Gormenghast and LotR for their degree.

Of course, the Phoenix myth is a lot more involved than I ever realised... however, this has now given me Merlin plotbunnies, who are bouncing around nipping at my ankles twitching their little noses and telepathically commanding me to write them.

I don't have time for this! Why do I only ever get inspiration when there are a million other things to do, or at 3 in the morning when I'm dead on my feet and can barely write straight?

So... I now have: 3 straight Merlin fics, My mega Merlin fic of plotty DOOM, A Supernatural/Merlin crossover, A Supernatural/Dr Who crossover to be written. A Supernatural fic that is written and needs serious polishing, a Merlin picture that needs colouring (because Merlin himself still isn't done and after I've finished him I need to colour Arthur and the background and I hate backgrounds) plus a Shakespeare essay and much much dissertation work. Oh, and reading for next week.

One of my fellow English students came into the lecture today, sat down and, before I even spoke, told me that she was having a crap day because her housemate blew a fuse the night before, made her come out to try and fix it, she fell off the chair she had to stand on to get to the fuse box and an airer fell on top of her. Somehow my amusement at the slapstick humour of the situation was not welcome... It didn't help that she's the type of person you cannot imagine ever falling over - ever.

I tried to convince her she would laugh about it in years to come, and she could write an epic novel about it, but she still felt that her housemate was evil and must die.

Oh, and in other news. It snowed. I was walking home and it started snowing! It's still November... and it's not even cold. I was seriously considering taking my coat off at the time. What is wrong with the weather?

One last thing: as soon as I watch this ep of Spn we're into hiatus! Meep.
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Wordcount: 30359
Bodycount: still 2 - what am I doing with my time?
Pepsi Max count: 3.3333333l (I am so going to get osteoperosis when I'm older)
Chocolate count: today? two roses, 1 toblerone (a prize for hitting 30k), several double chocolate chocolate fingers, several chocolate limes, a white chocolate mousse... heh, Maybe I'm not doing so good at that addiction either.

Went to a meet up for Nano today as well. Was odd but cool. Even though I felt a little bit like I was making a fool of myself every time I opened my mouth (but I usually do that so ^_^).

There are pretty lights in Durham centre as well, and people have glowsticks - which you get from the Town Hall apparently, gosh darn. The one place I didn't think to go. But I shall go there tomorrow and I shall be glowified and the world will be glowy and it will be wonderful.

Okay, so the pepsi max is kicking in, that and the chocolate, and the fact that all my housemates are out and I just wrote 5000 words of rubbish. Heh. But there were funny characters. Funny characters make everything better.

This was supposed to be a tragicomic detective story, it's turning into more of a pseudomystery tragic farce, and the tragedy's only because the comedy's so bad. (That was a joke, I am so the queen of screwball comedy... sometimes, with a following wind :P)

Today I also discovered just how much people state the obvious. I came out of my lecture and my friends, one after the other, all said 'OMG you braided your hair' (I have girly friends - it is a curse. I really had to restrain myself from snapping back 'Yes, I know I braided my hair, I was there when it happened, the hair didn't go away, braid itself and come back and plop itself back on my head. (though with my hair you can never be sure) Then, of course, came the 'did you do it yourself?' comments. Like I'd let anyone else near my hair without giving them a full background check first? This, strangely, led to a chorus of 'aw's. Apparently, braiding your own hair is cute. Then there was the suggestion that I braid someone else's hair for them. I very nearly ran away screaming.

I should just go back to doing nothing with my hair. It was easier for people to believe I didn't really care about it then. But seriously - I get bored, I play with my hair. It's like a giant game of 'how many interesting knots can I make?' - which follows me around!


The amount that I am not going to braid someone else's hair is incredible in its sheer infinite mass.

I'd shave it all off, but then I really would look odd, and I'd get cold.

Bad things are happening tomorrow. Clashing things. There will be issues between RL and TV. Grrr. Why couldn't the Firework display be scheduled around Merlin?

(Yes, yes, I know - my Merlin obsession is getting worse. Yes, I do refresh my friends page in the hopes of finding new fic... although it's hit a dry spell recently. No, I haven't got much further with my own epic.)

It is also impossible to find cogs in town. Just little cogs. I've looked everywhere I can think of and I still have no idea. Complete non sequitur there, but still. My mind is a little buzzy.

My computer is playing up again and it keeps freezing on me. Half the time the words I'm typing are three lines away from what's up on screen. So I apologise for any typos made because of touch typing incompetence.I may post reaction and squeeage to Spn 408 tomrorow. I may get distracted by various fiction (both reading and writing) and not get round to it.

Either way I'll be doing something. Which I think is better than what I do most of the time.
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Croatia was awesome... and hot. Very hot.

We sailed around probably half of the coast and quite a few islands and I learnt a couple of interesting things:

1. Croatians don't like vowels. Brbinj and Krka being just a couple of examples of place names.

2. If given an option mosquitoes will bite you in places calculated very specifically to cause maximum damage. ie. your feet in the exact place where the buckle of your sandal will rub them. This gave rise to one of my bog toes flashing like a christmas light, and a blister the size of my fingernail on my other foot, which had to be cut off with scissors. Yes, I'll admit to being a bit squeamish of that.

Other than the mega-blister of doom, though, and the extreme heat, everything was brilliant. Sailing is fun, although often lacks the cooling breeze of motoring. Croatian scenery is phenomenal. I managed somehow to limp around Zadar and buy presents for everyone on the last day without collapsing of heat stroke or my feet falling off.

Zadar airport is insane. They have a level crossing over the runway... for planes. It's got three gates and there are ~5 flights a day out from there and one bus a day going there. Considering how large the city is, that's kind of incredible.

I wasn't seasick, which was cool, although I was sick for some unknown other reason one night, which was uncool.

We named a seagull Henry, and henceforth all seagulls shall be named Henry, just because. Ophelie followed fish around (we think she's gathering an army) and there was a rather interesting bay with a naked windsurfer.

Got home and watched Dr Who and it was awesome, both episodes. I loved every second of it... except maybe the hugfest.Dr Who )

Spoilers S3 Spn - Fred (and anyone else who hasn't seen any of it) )

So that's pretty much my life at the moment. Once again in a period between things. Mum will have me out job hunting tomorrow I have no doubt, so until then I will make the most of sitting around writing, reading and watching BtVS.
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Revision is dull.

But there's only one exam left, this afternoon and then I am free!

Well, apart from a meeting with my dissertation supervisor, for which I have to have a reasonable idea of what my dissertation's going to be on. At the moment that's pretty much a blank. I'm hoping I'll turn up, look at her with vacant terror and wait for her to tell me.

No, I don't think that's going to work either.

I'm also - officially - going to Croatia on my friend's boat for a week this summer. How insane is that? I have a friend with a boat in Croatia. O.o;; I still have to get travel insurance and stuff, and I haven't got my passport back yet, so I might not actually be going, but still. I am, as usual, apathetic about the situation, though. it seems more like one of those things that we talk about which never happens. It's now one of those things we talk about which is definitely happening. The transition has yet to take place in my head.

My epic post s3 supernatural fic now has a sequel in my head as well, which is crazy crazy craziness.

Just five hours and then I'll be able to start writing the damn thing. Who wants to bet that writer's block will start in as soon as I finish this next exam?

But, until then I should get back to Dickinson, Frost and Hughes. The exam questions on past papers aren't exactly easy, or specific, or normal... just random quotations, no actual question. So I really have to be ready for anything.

*gulp* but I should be able to blag it. I know more about these texts than I did about the Victorian ones... except the Wilde.
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Oh-kay then.

Perhaps watching the season finale of Supernatural the night before I had an exam was a bad idea...

Perhaps it's an even worse idea to start writing an epic post-finale fic the morning before said exam...

Perhaps it's a bad idea to be updating my livejournal with a list of bad ideas an hour before said exam...

heh, I never said I was good with the ideas. Anyway, 2 essays, 3 hours, that's half an hour longer per essay than I usually get these days. I figure that if I screw up I can always rewrite an essay...


But still, epic post-finale fic is begging to be written, and it has a prologue. I haven't written anything with a prologue in years.

But still, I should have waited until after Friday.

There will be season 3 squeeage and omgage and wailingage after my exam.
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Or there will be as soon as one of my betas gets online. I'd email it to you guys, but then it gets a bit iffy as to whether I'll get it back again and seeing as one is my fic for the [ profile] spn_boc challenge, I'd quite like to get it sooner rather than later (although, tbh, that lasts until August 31st... but still. Strike while the iron's hot etc etc.)

There is an almost OBSCENE amount of love for The Last of the Time Lords mainly because of that thing at the end, but I'll get into that more at a later date. Tomorrow, perhaps, because I currently have other things to obsess about. All Hell Breaks Loose part 2 is due to air on itv 2 in an hour and five minutes and I know I've already seen it but - *wails*.

And on the subject of ficcage, with which this post is eponymous, I wrote crack!fic... about the Apocalypse. Supernatural Crack fanfiction about the sodding Apocalypse. How? Why was the only plotbunny I got from The Horsemen Arrive (awesome song btw) a CRACK bunny? The End of the World... and I write freaking crack. *shrugs* Ah well, it's done now, and I quite like it.

The other thing I wrote was angst... sort of. But angst that if you screw up your face and put your head to one side, could look a little like Wincest... which I was not intending, and I'm a little annoyed about, because it's not supposed to be Wincesty. It was supposed to be bittersweet and Filial. GAH! Dean-muse, why did you do this to me? However, I shall state, now, for the benefit of... well - me... that it is NOT WINCEST.

Just so we've got that covered.

So.. Fred, Will, why are you not online. How dare you have lives when I need beta-readers!

I also need to write/draw something for the [ profile] spn_crackfic challenge, but despite being the one who wrote the damn thing I am fresh out of inspiration. (BTW - go there, join... take part in the challenge... pretty please!)
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Okay, simple request for information here. I wrote some Harry Potter gen fanfic here. Seeing as I've never really left the domains of Remus/Sirius before I'm wondering where exactly to post it... I might be able to get away with putting it in [ profile] remusxsirius but I'm not sure. Anyone got any ideas? It's Marauder era, humour.

In other news... my results come out tomorrow. Joy. I get to see whether I have to spend August (and a lot of money) on resits. I sincerely hope not.

Ah well... only 21 hours 15 minutes to go. Hardly any time at all.

I also drew HP fanart... I just reread all the books... I haven't been able to scan it in yet... but I drew the Marauders as Musketeers and CHIBI Charlie and Bill Weasley with their Uncles ^_^ and James and Lily. I'm going home on Saturday so connecting my scanner now would be an exercise in uselessness. I'll post them up next week when I'm back at home.

Ah home... decent food, how I miss you!

(I'll conveniently gloss over the bit about getting a job, heh.)

I think I might go doodle some more.
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Okay - I wrote a few short supernatural ficlets before. Character studies and that sort of thing, but I got this idea on Friday for a one-shot sort of AU scene, and then I started writing i and now it's developed into a 6000+ word multipart epic. It is gradually taking over my life, and the bad thing is, it's definitely going to end up AU, because it concerns all the main plotty stuff and I haven't seen the end of the series yet.

I do hate the fact that it's already out of date in so many ways when I'm only just beginning to write it.

I'm enjoying writing it though, which is good. Although I'm not sure I'm keeping people in character very well. Missouri is a bitch to write it you haven't only just watched 'Home'.

I'm very well aware that most people who read this (if anyone does) will know next to nothing about Supernatural other than the fact that it's my latest obsession and whenever we talk about it Fred goes off on a rant about Jensen Ackles and I go off on a rant about how I love that car (*fangirls car*). I just felt the need to have a little rant abou it is all. I'm supposed to be revising. My exams are (a scarily small number of) weeks away and I'm sitting here typing away at something that will probably never be shown to anyone other than Will, and possibly Fred.

When my muse attacks it attacks with avengeance. I'm just worried all this creativity now will mean that I'm going to be able to do absolutely nothing with all my free time in the summer. I do tend to have exceedingly long dry spells after writing things like this.

Spoilers for Dr Who )

G2g, lunch. Thank God, a reason to get away from the computer!

Day 5

Feb. 6th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Title: Another funeral
Word count: 1479
Pairing: Remus/Sirius, Remus/GP
Rating: PG-13/R if you're particularly easily offended
Disclaimer: I have no claim over the characters whatsoever, or the hilarious limerick prompt.They belong to JKR and WH Auden respectively.
Summary: The middle of the first war and the death toll is rising, as is the mistrust.
AN: The prompt was a limerick, a witty and amusingly smutty limerick ), which I somehow managed to get angst from. It was about death, true, but come on...
WARNING: Smoking, aggression, falling out, non-con kissing, death, swearing, bitchy!Sirius, death...

Another day, another funeral )

Day 4

Feb. 6th, 2006 07:22 pm
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A little late... and there's a day five coming from me as well.

Once again the puppies took over my brain and made me write far more than I originally intended.

Title: Marauder Spirit and Flobberwormosity
Word count: 3064
Pairing: Remus/Sirius (For once no J/L!)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own them. I'm not quite that rich. I did, however, I am sad to say, title most of the songs, parat from that infamous one.
Summary: Remus and Sirius are on a mission for the Order, in a most unlikely place.
AN: The prompt was 'concert' At first I stared at the screen in incomprehension, then inspiration struck, like a very disturbing lightning bolt.
WARNING: Elderly witches behaving in a manner elderly witches ought not behave. SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR HBP! Utter ridiculousness.

Follow the white rabbit yellow brick road LJ-cut )


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