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Hey, I'm back.

Not very many people knew I was gone, butwho cares about that any way...

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France was nice, it was warm (not hot) a really nice temperature actually. There were crepes, and I eventually remembered some of my French (on the flight home).

I spent most of my time thinking in English, talking in German and feeling like I was in Italy - Lyon and Florence look quite similar really.

The hotel was - uh - ok. The walls were this garish lurid yellow colour, that in electric lights looked almost lime green. They were hideous, and the breakfasts were nasty, but there were beds, and a bathroom with a shower that worked (except you had to hold it). The only real problem was the insects. I have rediscovered a life-long dislike of all small flying buzzy things in the last week. If there is any feeling more murderous than when you can't get to sleep and you hear the high pitched whine of a mosquito coming towards yo face at 4 in the morning, I don't know what it is. Because I sleep almost entirely covered up, rarely letting even my hand out from under the covers, I have four HUGE bites on my face. ONe right on the bridge of my nose which alternates between a whitish colour and bright red. Luckily, if I face peple side on then they won't see (because i always sleep on my side) but I am not walking around with a mask over half my face just so people won't think I have chicken pox! The most irritating one is actually the one which somehow managed to get onto my thumb, so I can't bend it, pick something up or even wash my hair without agitating it. My left hand is practically useless, but that't the same as usual really.

Other than the bites things were great. I saw my brother, who is now 21 (I am unreasonably terrified by this) and is out partying pretty much every night and never goes to sleep before 4am (usually 6am). The traffic system in Lyon is great - I know it's not entirely relevant, but it's true. They have trams, and buses, and a metro, and trolley buses, and a system where you can borrow a bike from practically anywhere in the city and ride around on it for an hour and a half for absolutely free.

When I got back I also found my DVDs had come - minor celebration - but I'm now not going to be able to watch them until December because of NaNo, dammit!

I have a million and one things to do before tomorrow. Apparently things have to get really urgent before I do them, so the Tuesday before I went to France wasn't good enough.

I'm probably going to be doing homework all day, that and finalising my UCAS form (oh joy). But if I get time I'll watch some.

Au revoir, a bien tot, etc etc.


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