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Ugh, last night was not nice. I could barely stay asleep for very long I was so hot and I had this weird dream involving me and my friends from university running away from people down staricases in college that don't exist. Then we had an apocalypse machine or something - not that it actually destroyed the world, it just exploded with glitter. That sounds so unlike me.

We all had a key and a part of a code and the aim was to get as many other people's keys and codes so that you could turn it off... it all seems a little stupid really... but it was big, metal and spherical with flashy lights. *shrug*

I woke up and couldn't eat breakfast, had a temperature of 99.8 and since then I've been lying around trying not to do anything. Just took my temperature again, thinking it would be lower - it's actually 100.2, and even the clacking of the keyboard keys is too noisy for me.

I have to go shopping this afternoon though, and post letters, and tidy my room. And I'm supposed to be making dinner tonight.

I should probably get off the computer now, I think that that's only making it worse.
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Okay, I finally have the time (and the inclination) to update since my holiday to the Isle of Man(n). Yes that is correct _not_ the isle of Wight. Nope, it's in a different body of water altogether.

It was fun, though the place we were staying was small, had woodlice in the shower room and a kitchen about the size of a bath. we went on walks (pretty glens) had meals (apparently pork had to come with mash potato in one of the places - go figure) and um... well, did other stuff.

On the first day Dad decided we'd walk to the shop in the next villlage which was supposedly 1 mile away. It was actually more like 1 3/4 and when we got there (after going up a huge hill) it turned out that the shop had been shut down quite a while ago and the people who owned the place had forgetten to update their information. It didn't help that we had to go back down the big hill and up another to get back again, nor that we'd been up since five that morning.

Not much else happened. They had a copy of that Cinderella that was on Channel 4 a couple of years ago, because it was filmed in IOM. I watched it and realised just how bad the acting was. ^_^ The Prince's excessive and expressonless use of the word cool made everything worthwhile.

We also saw seals, but no sharks. They claimed that basking sharks were in the water, but we think that it was a myth, to confuse the tourists (like the shop in the next village).

On the last night (when we had to get up at 4 in the morning, I managed to do the worst thing possible, and become ill (for the second time in two weeks - not the best way to start your summer holiday) and couldn't get to sleep until about midnight, so I was particularly happy the next day, and going on a ship in roughish water after being sick the night before is not the best thing to do.

On the way over there we were pulled off course because the captein wanted to investigate a possible ship wreck which turned out to be a dead whale (or maybe a shark). We also watched Flubber, but the sound wa appauling so my brother and I ended up making up our own dialogue half the time. ON the way back we did pretty much the same with Jurassic Park two (apparently I'm going to see the film in reverse order, only one to go now) but luckily the screams of agony and the ominous 'someone's going to die now' music managed to come across pretty well. So what if we didn't know the motivation, it wasn't particularly important.

Went to see Charlie at the etc etc yesterday, it was ok, but I wasn't particularly impressed, especially by the oompa loompa songs, **shrugs** everyone else seemed to like it though.

Not much else to say, and I have to go watch superman now - they're showing it right through form the beginning - yay.

Oh yeah - lookee icon.

And also - Johnny Storm = Don't Stop me Now by Queen.

That is all.


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