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Just got back from the Warwick interview day. It was mostly fine, except for the actual interview part. 'How does what you do in lighting transfer to your understanding of prose?' You what now?! I blagged most of it, made up complete drivel and tried to convince her to read The Catcher in the Rye which I currently loathe and I'm not sure whether I convinced her I liked it or not. She also asked me how reading fantasy connected to real life issues - so I made up a load of bull about Lord of the Rings and underdog stories, which she then promptly told me could happen in realism as well as fantasy so I had to cover it with stuff about the distance between you and the character helping you see things more clearly or some other such shit.

Trust me to get the interviewer who 'can't bring' herself to read Fantasy or Sci-Fi, bloody typical. There was a nice Scottish guy interviewing opposite me and he sounded really nice and easy going. The woman I saw had all sorts of rights stuff stuck to her door and obviously liked the social issues brought up in literature. I couldn't exactly tell her I'm uninterested in politics most of the time, could I.

Ah well... doesn't really matter anyway, I've got offers from other places, so, if Warwick don't want, me at least somebody does.

The Arts Centre is nice, though.
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O-kay then, just an small mini-update.

Went to see Aeon Flux yesterday, it was hilariously funny (but probably woldn't have been had I been alone) and terribly confusing. I had no idea what was going on for the first half of it. I think I may just have been a little stupid though. It was awful. The premise was good, but the way they realised it just didn't work, plus - who sleeps in beads? That would be awfully uncomfortable!

And through the whole thing it was bothering me - Charlize Theron looks like Angelina Jolie in it. I need to find photos to prove this... and I need to find out who the black guy was because he's played a smug English git in something else and I want to know what it was. I'm going to look now.

~Please hold, the livejournal you are viewing is currently unavailable.~

HYPERDRIVE! He played the uber-commander guy in Hyperdrive. Of course. I told you he was a smug British git! I knew his accent was completely wrong. HA!

Now that I have solved that mystery, onto yet another one.

Why do I never bother about things unless they are completely unimportant?

Just an idle question, to while away the hours.

I've got an interview tomorrow, not exactly looking forward to it - should probably read Northanger Abbey again just to be certain I don't make an utter fool of myself... or rather more of an utter fool of myself than I am going to anyway.

I hate talking to people!


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