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Wispa bars are made of awesome. They are food of the Gods. Cadbury's brought forth the wispa bar and it was good. People rejoiced and celebrated. There was dancing in the streets. But then Cadbury's took the wispa bar away again and the shadows danced across the land, smothering the cheer and optimism of the nation. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But now the shadows have gone and the wispa bar is once again where it should be (in the shop across the street, and, incidentally, in my stomach) and all is right and good and rapturous in the world.

In case you hadn't realised. Wispas make me happy.

I have actually done work towards my dissertation today. I have pages of notes on the Hobbit and I have ideas. ZOMG!

Bad things (but not especially bad) our boiler is playing up. Some radiators are one sometimes, and others are off at the same time, and the timer system has no correlation whatsoever with what time the radiators actually come on. For example: the timer is set to 6-10 am and pm. My radiator (which is at 2 out of a possible 4) was boiling hot at 5.50 this morning when I woke up, but freezing cold at five to ten. It was also on at half twelve - again boiling hot, when Laura's radiator... which was on the same temperature as mine, was freezing cold. It is currently not on (15.12) and we're all very confused.

Also, the upstairs bathroom shower leaked, down the walls into the first floor landing/stairs. However, the nice maintenance man (John) came round this morning (he works weekends! He is wonderful!) and redid all the sealant, so it should be fine in a couple of hours... apparently the landlords can be efficient sometimes.

Now... because I haven't done this yet:

Supernatural! Spoilers! )

Basically - in summary - I want a Jensen Ackles. Please Santa, pretty please.

Finally, two less interesting and more weird things.

Nanowrimo. I have some names for characters - woo... I have a basic plot. I have an idea of what happens at the end (almost unheard of for me) and I have no sodding time to write it in... so I'll probably end up winning again. I am fully intending to wake up around 6.45 every morning to fit in some writing time before I'd usually be awake. It worked the first year I did it. Why not now?

Secondly... lastly... nthly... I signed up for a merlin/arthur secret santa... I am an idiot. I have no time. But I got my prompt on Thursday and I hav plot bunnies already. The only problem is that I have never written the pairing or the fandom before so it promises to be an interesting month (yes, it overlaps with Nano... yes I have a dissertation, three formative essays, two summative essays and a lorry full of reading to do; no, I don't have any idea how I'm going to fit it all in. I'm probaby going to have a nervous breakdown around November 12th. Yes, I am an idiot.)

Let the mayhem begin.
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Okay, so the TV license thing is sorted. Apparently it's the TV licensing people who are being idiots, because I contacted the landlords and they say they've paid it. It's in the contract as well (I checked) so if the TV people do come round I shall point at clause 3 and give them the landlord's address. ^_^

However, I have just realised that I need to have a complete title for my dissertation to be handed in by next Wednesday and I need to have agreed on this with my dissertation supervisor by then... having arranged a meeting I haven't arranged yet. ^_^;;

Everyone point to the person who's really really really screwed. *points to self*

I need to email my dissertation supervisor yesterday... and I'm still putting it off.

I do, however, have Zeppelin II now, which I am listening to. Woo! I also just educated one of my housemates in classic rock (she'd never heard stairway to heaven... O.o;;). I might have demanded that she sit down and listen... I didn't tie her down or anything. But I forced her to listen to that (she liked it - obviously) and the full version of American Pie... and a little Cheap Trick various other things.

There will be Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight, which I am looking forward to. However the recipe was chosen and will be prepared by someone who is lactose intolerant. We're looking into getting her some counselling for her obvious suicide wish.

I have also found the perfect present for my brother (or me) only it's £120 so I am left staring at it longingly and being all mopey. Given that his birthday is on Monday it's a little late anyway. Perhaps I should send him an email saying 'this is what I'd get you if I were rich. LINK to awesome present.

I have no idea why I'm posting so often at the moment, probably some sort of procrastination technique from pretty much everything.

I had my seminar this morning, which I was nowhere near prepared enough for and it turns out that, as I am one of only two people in the class who has studied Old Norse previously I need to prepare a presentation on Old Norse Poetry for next Friday Morning. *groan*

That's pretty much all. I may post again once I have watched Spn 4x06 (which I know nothing about. I'm actually quite happy now. The only spoilers I had were for an earlier episode so now I am blissfully spoiler free again (hence default icon).

I'm going to go now... I have to email people and generally lament the fact that I have done no work...


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