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My brother's home, which is decidedly odd, since I'm sure he was coming home in a few weeks anyway, but no one ever tells me anything, so I guess I'll just have to put up with 'he's back because he missed us' I'vw sworn about 3 times this weekend, but no one was around at any of those times, and again it was only the non-swearword swearword, but still - I should really stop talking to myself because it is, apparently at those times that I am the most potty mouthed.

Hmm, so that means I owe Jess 3p... I'm trying I really am, maybe I should up the penalty a bit.

But I really don't need to lose any money right now because I have just watched a repeat and decided that there are yet more DVDs I need to buy. Firefly and Serenity are out of the way now, and Gundam Wing is almost complete... but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm never going to get the whole of Farscape, because really the number of eps you get per DVD is appalling. Hn.My tendency to get obsessive disturbs me sometimes. If I could ever find a happy middle ground where I just liked something I would probably be so much better at life.

I'm sure obsessive nature is one of the signs of sociopathic tendencies or something.

But life's so much more interesting this way, never knowing whether I'll still be interested in the thing I bought last week this week... and the compulsive part of my nature meaning if I'm going to have part of something I have to have all of somiething, otherwise it just doesn't work.

It's like starting to watch something half way through - I have to go back and watch the beginning, then I have to watch all the episodes I've already seen again.

Did I mention I worry me?

ALso - Peacekeeper Wars is on five this week - 9-midnight... they decided not to split it up which may or maynot be a good idea. The joyous possibility that they may reshow farscape is helpful - but they'd probably do it at midnight nd I'd need to record it all - which would make my family all nice and happy and moany.

Now all I have to do is choose a university, isn't that going to be fun.

My brother wants the PC...


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