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I have Maid Marian and her Merry Men on DVD! The sheer awesomeness of this is incredible!

For those of you who may be reading this who are not native to the UK, Maid Marian is a live action children's programme from when I was little. It was written and created by Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Blackadder) and it's the true story of what happened in Sherwood forest.

Robin is an inept tailor, who didn't really want to become an outlaw, but didn't have a choice in the matter after being used as a hostage by Marian. He only agreed in the end because Marian said he could design the costumes. His ineptness has a habit of making the Sheriff look like an idiot though (he can't fire a bow and arrow to save his life, but when he fails at it his arrows end up going in amusing places). Marian's really in charge but no one believes that, everyone thinks it's Robin. It's completely insane and I love it... also, there's Barrington (Cat from Red Dwarf)! It is brilliant and wonderful and there are COMICS and KARAOKE! and EASTER EGGS! Oh, and King John has a skull and crossbones on his crown and his earring.

I had forgotten how brilliant it was. There are so many jokes I wouldn't have got when I was younger.

And the theme tune!

#Ma-arian... you've got to Ca-arry on, with what you're do-oing, because there's a-always trouble bre-ewing. You've got to f-ind a way to make a better da-a-ay, Whoa Marian!#

It is ridiculously difficult to remember the theme tune when listening to Wagner.

Yes, I did say listening to Wagner. I have a seminar on it on Friday. I know, I know, I do English Literature and Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen is neither English nor literature... apparently it counts in Germanic Myth and Legend though. The only problem is - I don't understand opera, really, at all. Nor do I see the point in it (I know, I am a philistine and an infidel)... So if anyone can help out, please? I would be eternally grateful. Or just where I could find it somewhere that isn't Youtube.

I'm listening, but I won't be able to say anything in the seminar. I don't understand what they're singing about, so how am I supposed to know what's going on. I wish I'd brought Maskerade up with me. I have the strange feeling that reading about the Ankh-Morpork Opera house would make this easier to deal with.


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