Nov. 17th, 2008 04:26 pm
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Just checked my wordcount

EXACTLY 50k... woot!
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And this is why I should not leave my Nano for two days without writing anything, because when I come back to it, it is more of a farce than it was before. The Man in Black is no longer mysterious, nor is he even dangerous, he's a spoilt brat.

Great. Just great.
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Wordcount - 38922
Body count - 3
Pepsi Max count - ~5l
Chocolate count - none so far today, although I have a wispa in reserve for when I break 40k

My Plot is beginning to come together as a plot - in a way I wasn't expecting at all. The man in Black is back, a major villain has just revealed himself and it turns out that it's a whole lot more complicated than I was expecting. I still don't know who the ghost is though, or why that Bounty Hunter is hanging around, but the scene I'm on at the moment provides MAJOR expo for the main plot. This novel might not be that much over 50k... although it probably will be, I'll just have to add in another few plot twists or something. No doubt they'll add themselves.

Also, I have comedy policemen who are competent. Yay! They are comedy because they are snarky, rather than comedy because of their slapstick efforts to humiliate the detective.

I just now need to write the expo, which is difficult, because plot points tend to bore me something dreadful. But If I write this I can get back to Mel and the man in black which will be so much more entertaining.

Or the policemen...
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Wordcount: 30359
Bodycount: still 2 - what am I doing with my time?
Pepsi Max count: 3.3333333l (I am so going to get osteoperosis when I'm older)
Chocolate count: today? two roses, 1 toblerone (a prize for hitting 30k), several double chocolate chocolate fingers, several chocolate limes, a white chocolate mousse... heh, Maybe I'm not doing so good at that addiction either.

Went to a meet up for Nano today as well. Was odd but cool. Even though I felt a little bit like I was making a fool of myself every time I opened my mouth (but I usually do that so ^_^).

There are pretty lights in Durham centre as well, and people have glowsticks - which you get from the Town Hall apparently, gosh darn. The one place I didn't think to go. But I shall go there tomorrow and I shall be glowified and the world will be glowy and it will be wonderful.

Okay, so the pepsi max is kicking in, that and the chocolate, and the fact that all my housemates are out and I just wrote 5000 words of rubbish. Heh. But there were funny characters. Funny characters make everything better.

This was supposed to be a tragicomic detective story, it's turning into more of a pseudomystery tragic farce, and the tragedy's only because the comedy's so bad. (That was a joke, I am so the queen of screwball comedy... sometimes, with a following wind :P)

Today I also discovered just how much people state the obvious. I came out of my lecture and my friends, one after the other, all said 'OMG you braided your hair' (I have girly friends - it is a curse. I really had to restrain myself from snapping back 'Yes, I know I braided my hair, I was there when it happened, the hair didn't go away, braid itself and come back and plop itself back on my head. (though with my hair you can never be sure) Then, of course, came the 'did you do it yourself?' comments. Like I'd let anyone else near my hair without giving them a full background check first? This, strangely, led to a chorus of 'aw's. Apparently, braiding your own hair is cute. Then there was the suggestion that I braid someone else's hair for them. I very nearly ran away screaming.

I should just go back to doing nothing with my hair. It was easier for people to believe I didn't really care about it then. But seriously - I get bored, I play with my hair. It's like a giant game of 'how many interesting knots can I make?' - which follows me around!


The amount that I am not going to braid someone else's hair is incredible in its sheer infinite mass.

I'd shave it all off, but then I really would look odd, and I'd get cold.

Bad things are happening tomorrow. Clashing things. There will be issues between RL and TV. Grrr. Why couldn't the Firework display be scheduled around Merlin?

(Yes, yes, I know - my Merlin obsession is getting worse. Yes, I do refresh my friends page in the hopes of finding new fic... although it's hit a dry spell recently. No, I haven't got much further with my own epic.)

It is also impossible to find cogs in town. Just little cogs. I've looked everywhere I can think of and I still have no idea. Complete non sequitur there, but still. My mind is a little buzzy.

My computer is playing up again and it keeps freezing on me. Half the time the words I'm typing are three lines away from what's up on screen. So I apologise for any typos made because of touch typing incompetence.I may post reaction and squeeage to Spn 408 tomrorow. I may get distracted by various fiction (both reading and writing) and not get round to it.

Either way I'll be doing something. Which I think is better than what I do most of the time.
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Wordcount: 20403
Body Count: Still just the two, I'm slacking
Pepsi Max Count: ~2.75l
Chocolate count: I need a Wispa

Okay, so my Novel is becoming very strange. characters I never intended to include (characters that did not actually exist) are becoming more prominent and seizing wordcount. There is now a key as a crucial part of the mystery, but I don't know what it opens. There is a definite secret society type thing going on and I vaguely know what they do, but I'm not entirely sure. THere is also a half eaten letter that imparts information to the protagonist that may or may not be a red herring. I don't know...

Oh, and a glowing turtle called Awkward actually became a plot point.

I have a slutty ghost, a flirtatious bounty hunter and a fortune teller who is not as big a ditz as I thought. There's a mysterious man in black who is suddenly taking over and I'm not sure who he is - is he the bad guy? Is he the Prince in disguise? Is he never going to show up again and merely a convenient ploy for word count? What was the meaning of the fortune that she told for him? Why was chicken blood involved and do the gods actually exist? What caused my FMC to run off and what does it have to do with the ghost? Why did the fortune teller come to the city? Is she involved in the conspiracy?

I have more questions about my plot now than I did when I started writing. There's no way I'm going to get all these loose ends tied up.

Oh, and another question: why am I concurrently writing Nano and epic!fanfic?

Answers on a postcard please.

Also - I went to see Quantum of Solace yesterday. I was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it. Heh, maybe Daniel Craig does make a reasonable Bond. There were still things I didn't find particularly good and it was still a bit more action hero and a little less Bond, but there were some brilliant Bond moments. I approve. ^_^ I think Craig's settling into the role alright, and I love the Bond-M relationship (no, not like that... for once my mind is not in the gutter).
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Wordcount: 6495
Body count: 2 (I have no idea where the second one came from)
Pepsi Max count: 5 mugs... I think
Chocolate Count: only 2 squares (Lindt coconut chocolate... dear lord god I love it so)

And so it begins, that frantic scrabbling for word count and characters that don't make you want to stab them repeatedly with a fork.

So far mine's going reasonably. I'm fairly certain my novel is pretty much just a pile of ineloquent rubbish, but I don't really care. I like my main character and he is unlike any of my other main characters ever. He is bitter, atheistic in a polytheistic world and he hates magic.

He still hasn't really got a name. I'm naming him and all the other characters random combinations of letters until I come up with something that suits them. Find and replace is a very useful tool.

But my Nanovel is going well, I have also read stuff for my dissertation today and got my Merlin epic fic o' doom up to over 19000 words (It will end, one day, I hope) Although I wrote another, far shorter fic for the secret santa as a sort of apology for the plotiness of the first one. It doesn't come up to the minimum word count though so :(. I will probably still have time left over to watch Merlin and cook dinner before starting writing again.

Of course, my impetus will wear out in a few days, so I hope I get a decent amount of words in first. I've signed up for the lj sponsorship thing where they donate to Nanowrimo if you complete it. ^_^;; No pressure or anything.

Fred - how goeth the Nano? Oh, and incidentally, what do you want for your birthday?
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Wispa bars are made of awesome. They are food of the Gods. Cadbury's brought forth the wispa bar and it was good. People rejoiced and celebrated. There was dancing in the streets. But then Cadbury's took the wispa bar away again and the shadows danced across the land, smothering the cheer and optimism of the nation. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But now the shadows have gone and the wispa bar is once again where it should be (in the shop across the street, and, incidentally, in my stomach) and all is right and good and rapturous in the world.

In case you hadn't realised. Wispas make me happy.

I have actually done work towards my dissertation today. I have pages of notes on the Hobbit and I have ideas. ZOMG!

Bad things (but not especially bad) our boiler is playing up. Some radiators are one sometimes, and others are off at the same time, and the timer system has no correlation whatsoever with what time the radiators actually come on. For example: the timer is set to 6-10 am and pm. My radiator (which is at 2 out of a possible 4) was boiling hot at 5.50 this morning when I woke up, but freezing cold at five to ten. It was also on at half twelve - again boiling hot, when Laura's radiator... which was on the same temperature as mine, was freezing cold. It is currently not on (15.12) and we're all very confused.

Also, the upstairs bathroom shower leaked, down the walls into the first floor landing/stairs. However, the nice maintenance man (John) came round this morning (he works weekends! He is wonderful!) and redid all the sealant, so it should be fine in a couple of hours... apparently the landlords can be efficient sometimes.

Now... because I haven't done this yet:

Supernatural! Spoilers! )

Basically - in summary - I want a Jensen Ackles. Please Santa, pretty please.

Finally, two less interesting and more weird things.

Nanowrimo. I have some names for characters - woo... I have a basic plot. I have an idea of what happens at the end (almost unheard of for me) and I have no sodding time to write it in... so I'll probably end up winning again. I am fully intending to wake up around 6.45 every morning to fit in some writing time before I'd usually be awake. It worked the first year I did it. Why not now?

Secondly... lastly... nthly... I signed up for a merlin/arthur secret santa... I am an idiot. I have no time. But I got my prompt on Thursday and I hav plot bunnies already. The only problem is that I have never written the pairing or the fandom before so it promises to be an interesting month (yes, it overlaps with Nano... yes I have a dissertation, three formative essays, two summative essays and a lorry full of reading to do; no, I don't have any idea how I'm going to fit it all in. I'm probaby going to have a nervous breakdown around November 12th. Yes, I am an idiot.)

Let the mayhem begin.
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Wow... yesterday I felt like shit. My head was burning up, but the rest of my bod was freezing. I barely ate, I couldn't concentrate (even on Gundam Wing - see how bad it was!) and I had a headache, a sore throat, bunged up ears and nose, and a cough. I'm fairly certain I was a few degrees off reaching delirium before I went to sleep. I was lying in my bed feeling particularly detached from everything. It was decidedly odd.

I was ill for a couple of days before that too.

I would like to apologise formally to everyone waiting for me to do things. I moved into my house (I'm renting a house how insane is that?!) just under two weeks ago, and was assured that the Internet was working. Turns out there were a few minor glitches, though, add those to going round to other people's houses for parties, barbecues etc, and then being ill in an eye burny- ow the computer screen hurts sort of way and it pretty much equals me being online very very little. Now however, apart from a few lingering cold symptoms, I am fine. Although my hand eye coordination seems to have gone. I keep spilling water everywhere... when you're sitting at the computer that's not a good idea.

Anyway, I will be posting to spn_crackfic later this evening and either finishing off that challenge or giving people a final date... depending.

oh - SUPERNATURAL SEASON THREE STARTS TONIGHT!!!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* and yes that dd deserve the capslock. Of course, I won't be able to watch it immediately, but still zomg!

Oh, the NaNoWriMo sign ups have started. For those of you who haven't heard of it, that's National Novel Writing Month. 50000 words in a month, it is possible, believe me! And even if you don't succeed it's an incredibly fun thing to try.


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