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And yet I must type something.

Fair warning: this post will be completely non-grammatically correct, utterly lacking in any sort of structure and quite possible punctuated by capital letters, overuse of bold and italics.

Spoilers for Supernatural 4x21 )

Aargh, how am I supposed to wait until next week? Or the week after that if some people are to be believed? Does anyone know whether it's showing next week or the week after? I don't want to check sites in case I get spoiled for the finale. I don't even know the title of the episode (though I have sneaking suspicions) and I'd really prefer to keep it that way.

If it is in two weeks then it's going to be crappy - my last exam is Saturday the 23rd, so I wouldn't really be able to watch it until Saturday afternoon, and you know it'll make my concentration completely awful.

If it's next week then I should have had time to calm down by the start of my first exam... hopefully.

So - Spn 4x22, 14th or the 21st?
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I've sort of got used to being uncertain in the first few minutes of an episode whether I'm watching Supernatural or Criminal Minds. They tend to start in very similar ways and it takes me a good five to ten minutes some weeks to stop thinking 'Aaah! Ghost!' and instead think 'Aaah! Serial Killer!' (and then Spn does one of its not so supernatural episodes and I just get completely confused).

This wasn't one of those weeks, although it did remind me a lot of a certain season 1 Spn ep (those of you who watch both will know what I'm talking about).

Behind a cut in case anyone cares about Criminal Minds Spoilers ) There should be more ninja!Hotch...

That said: anyone know of any other secret ninjas? I have Hotch and Harry from Spooks, both of whom cover up their AWESOME NINJA ABILITIES with suits and ties and then, when forced to do so, become EPIC STEALTH WARRIORS. There have to be others.
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I was weak... very weak. My will power is non existent and I watched the SOON part, however, that said, not including that in this post - there may be another shorter one for that, but this is purely 4x20.

Spoilers )


Spoilers: Further Notes on Castiel )

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... Awesomeness.

Spoilers Spn 4x17 )

AND I had no spoilers for this episode, which makes me blissfully happy.
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Dude - Hiatus is over, and I got enough of my dissertation over with that I allowed myself to watch it. w00t!

Spoilers )

O-kay then.

My dissertation is coming along alright, although I've become a little bit stuck on one of the sections. I'm on 3517 words out of 8000 now... so I'm almost half way. I'm aiming for 4k before the end of the day. Then if I can manage 4k ish tomorrow (Never going to happen) then I can spend Monday and Tuesday on the Shakespeare Essay, Wednesday and Thursday proofreading dissertation and hitting my head against a large wall, and then Friday handing dissertation in and packing. Oh, and going to the library to get the books out for the three essays I need to write over Easter. Yay!

Home in a week. Aargh.

Also, my washing is taking up half of my room and I'm sitting at an angle to the desk, which is killing my back.

And... in conclusion, MEME - from [ profile] kelene

handwriting meme

For those of you who don't want to be spoiled, I even added in a bi-ig space so you wouldn't be. Tags include - anyone who wants to do it.
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Spoilers Supernatural 4x13 )

Thanks to everyone for incredible spoiler cuts. I had a hell of a time trying to watch it this week.
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Okay... thinky thoughts on Spn 4x11 later, right now:

The Sword of Truth on TV... sort of )
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So I have finally got round to writing my reactions/theories about 1x13, like everyong else did almost a week ago. I blame the essays... and the leaving, and the fact that sometimes I have to leave my computer for... well, meals and things.

That said, I still have no life. Hence:

Spoilers fo Merlin 1x13 - finale. Warning - this is sort of long )

So, now I have to go down to the library and get books out so I can write essays over the holiday. Boo. I'm going home tomorrow - yay!

(oh, and my sign-up for [ profile] reel_merlin was America's Sweethearts. Lol)
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Whoop! Essay done... well, I have to cut out over 500 words and add in references but meh - I can do that any time. And I had time to watch Merlin.

Spoilers for Merlin 1x11 )

I have two ideas for Merlin fic in my pocket and I have still got about five to finish (including epic fic of plotty doom *groan*) One of them is AU student!verse because... well, just because really, and I've been reading too many AUs and I had an idea for one. Plus - I am a student. Write about what you know as the person said. The other is just a line which I know I have to write into something. I have bad magic fic for [ profile] merlinflashfic in the works as well.

But, my first essay is done, there are two more to go, but they're not due in for two weeks... so I have a little time... that I should be spending on my dissertation and reading for tutorials, but if I get organised I should get everything finished in time.

One slight problem? Me and organisation had a falling out about year 7 and we still haven't made up. Maybe if I grovel.

But at least all of this gives me something to do on the train tomorrow.

Oh, but if anyone wants to, I also have an idea for Merlin fic based on Whose Line is it Anyway? with some characters only able to say two lines... so sue me, I want to write crack!fic. If anyone wants to supply me with suitably vague/funny/innuendoey lines I would be grateful. But maybe I shouldn't, seeing as I already have too much to do.
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Spoilers for Supernatural 4x07 )
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... Unbelievably Spoilerific for season 4 ep 1 - blow by blow, almost )


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