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And yet I must type something.

Fair warning: this post will be completely non-grammatically correct, utterly lacking in any sort of structure and quite possible punctuated by capital letters, overuse of bold and italics.

Spoilers for Supernatural 4x21 )

Aargh, how am I supposed to wait until next week? Or the week after that if some people are to be believed? Does anyone know whether it's showing next week or the week after? I don't want to check sites in case I get spoiled for the finale. I don't even know the title of the episode (though I have sneaking suspicions) and I'd really prefer to keep it that way.

If it is in two weeks then it's going to be crappy - my last exam is Saturday the 23rd, so I wouldn't really be able to watch it until Saturday afternoon, and you know it'll make my concentration completely awful.

If it's next week then I should have had time to calm down by the start of my first exam... hopefully.

So - Spn 4x22, 14th or the 21st?


Sep. 27th, 2005 08:10 am
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Okay... I just got about 10 reviews for the second chapter of my pseudo-Mary-sue (ooh, assonance) and all but 1 was good... people are telling me to write more.

I now have more reviews for that than for my non-Mary-sue fics on my real account. Boy does writing about the real characters suck. I should have done this years ago!

It is actually quite sad though, only one of them commented of my spelling and grammar, and I think I should go and worship at that person's feet because, honestly, that's the best review I've EVER got (admittedly there were a few spelling mistakes which are a bit of a let down). It was complimentary and also helped by giving concrit in a pleasant, not patronising or insulting manner. Admittedly, she reads and enjoys Mary-Sues, but let's keep it in perspective here: if there are people who read stuff like that and manage to give good reviews, then the world can't be quite as near to its end as I thought.

Or maybe, because thinking people do actually like that sort of thing, the world is very close to its end.

My brain hurts, and it's not from all that bad spelling and punctuation.

Fred! Those reviews better not have all come from you! ;)


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