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Okay... thinky thoughts on Spn 4x11 later, right now:

The Sword of Truth on TV... sort of )


Mar. 31st, 2008 11:14 pm
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Okay, today I - posted a rent check, read an entire Norse saga (in translation, though I did glance at the original) watched two films, cooked dinner and even found the time to watch another *ahem*4*ahem* episodes of Veronica Mars.

Yes, I'm obsessing over Veronica Mars, and I want a Logan... now. I shall keep him in the cupboard with the rest of my fictional harem.

It seems I have a habit of only realising how wonderful shows are when they've already been cancelled. I was looking through my DVD collection today:
Farscape - cancelled (but I watched it before it was axed)
Firefly - cancelled
Dark Angel - Cancelled
That 70s show - complete/cancelled (though it had a long run and, in my opinion, jumped the shark, but still, I got into it after it finished so it's up there)
Gundam Wing - complete(doesn't really count, because it is perfect as it is and I wouldn't have it any other way)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - cancelled/complete (those videos are Claire's though so I should get them back to her) (and I watched it before it was axed)

If I ever get round to getting Veronica Mars DVDs that'll be up there too. (though they currently only come in Region 1, though I've seen posts that say they work on Region 2 players).

This does not bode well for Supernatural. But I must be optimistic... must be... optimistic. There's a fourth season, right, that's further than VM got, and it's already 2 longer than Firefly...

Wow... this wasn't supposed to be depressive. But you know, it's true - if you like something, it will end. grrr...

But bonuses: productive day, downsides, what I knew would happen happened and my VM OTP broke up. (WHY!? why?) I've been quite good with spoilers so far - except that one. I didn't know who killed Lilly until I watched 1x22, I had no idea who was behind the big thing in S2, but I want to read fanfic... and I want to find out how S3 ends, but I must be strong, because I'm about to watch 3x13 and I swear, this is the last ep of the night. (I stayed up til 5:30 on Friday... ^_^;; It was past dawn! Do you know how difficult it is to sleep when it's light outside?)

Last ep, but every time I say that Logan goes and does his cliffhanger shock face and I get all *must watch more*.

Must remain strong...


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