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Dude... dissertation so very nearly done... well, except for the editing and the conclusion and the binding and the contents... but I have 7748 words.

My Shakespeare essay... I did have a title, but I've forgotten it. It's in tomorrow. Luckily, it's formative, so if I email and say 'aargh! dissertation! Please can I have an extension, pretty pretty pretty please... with bucketloads of sugar and cream and other stuff...

Oh yeah, in all that excitement about writing about Balrogs, I forgot lunch. (Balrogs ftw! Merlin vs Balrog... Sam'n'Dean vs Balrog... ^_^ utter glee)
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Dude - Hiatus is over, and I got enough of my dissertation over with that I allowed myself to watch it. w00t!

Spoilers )

O-kay then.

My dissertation is coming along alright, although I've become a little bit stuck on one of the sections. I'm on 3517 words out of 8000 now... so I'm almost half way. I'm aiming for 4k before the end of the day. Then if I can manage 4k ish tomorrow (Never going to happen) then I can spend Monday and Tuesday on the Shakespeare Essay, Wednesday and Thursday proofreading dissertation and hitting my head against a large wall, and then Friday handing dissertation in and packing. Oh, and going to the library to get the books out for the three essays I need to write over Easter. Yay!

Home in a week. Aargh.

Also, my washing is taking up half of my room and I'm sitting at an angle to the desk, which is killing my back.

And... in conclusion, MEME - from [ profile] kelene

handwriting meme

For those of you who don't want to be spoiled, I even added in a bi-ig space so you wouldn't be. Tags include - anyone who wants to do it.
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When I walked into the living room this morning I was greeted by the sight of the Pink Panther sitting on my sofa wearing a purple dress.

I kid you not. He was hugging a reindeer as well.

I personally think my response of 'Oh F-ing hell' was quite deserved.

Then, on my lovely long walk to my lecture (yay for no nine o'clock) I walked past a one man band on the bridge who was playing a kazoo and a swanny whistle It was awesome and made me smile. A kazoo people. The brilliance is unsurpassed.

I was also given a little in-walk entertainment by two girls I passed:
Girl A: And she said that I bitch a lot, which is just not true. I mean I don't bitch. She bitches.
Girl B: No, you just tell the truth. You say what everyone else is saying.
Girl A: Precisely, and then she goes on to say [blah], can you believe that?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that pretty much the definition of bitching? That made me giggle a little.

Of course, my lecture brought me down. The housemate I earlier posted was ill has infected me I had a horrible headache all the way through the lecture. At first I thought it was because I hadn't had enough sleep recently. That's one of the main reasons I have headaches these days, but then I started feeling ridiculously hot and shivering a bit, so I decided I must have a fever. Gah. I feel better now, but I fully intend to stock up on vitamin C and sleep and keep some ibuprofen nearby. Nothing is going to stop me Watching the Watchmen (I can't help but write it like that).

On the other hand, one of my course friends was talking about the Watchmen gifts on facebook (Although, first she called it Night Watch which got me confused) and I asked if there were any smiley faces with drops of blood on them. Her reaction? 'That's blood? I thought it was ink, I sent it to my friend!' lol. Turns out the reason she was mentioning it was because there's a Nite Owl one and she thought he looked morally ambiguous (which is a quality trait I adore in characters). I had to laugh again at that. Of all the characters in Watchmen, he's probably the least morally ambiguous among them.

Eee! Watchmen tomorrow. It's either going to be amazing and squee worthy and I will have a long screaming post about it on Saturday, or it will give me bitching material for days. Either way - reaction post on Sunday.

Oh... and I got given a free fair trade banana. (and [ profile] reel_merlin has been extended by another week. All that panicking for nothing.)
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Graduation timetable's up... Friday, 3rd July. Somehow that makes it all so much more real.

And the fact that I have nothing to do once I finish is beginning to scare me as well as my parents now. Which means that I'm avoiding things (including my dissertation which is due in three weeks, and which I haven't, you know, started yet).

But dude, graduation (or congregation as they seem to insist on calling it - weird people that they are) is at 9 in the morning. 9 am! Gah.

Holy shit... I'm graduating.

if I get everything done
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Another four inches this morning and it has been snowing on and off all day so far. It doesn't look real though. It's all in itty bitty balls. If it weren't for the fact that it's melting in places where there are cars and grit and the temperature's quite low, you'd be forgiven for thinking that a polystyrene factory had exploded.

But my new shoe/boots are officially awesome. I didn't fall over twice and I was walking at almost my normal walking pace, also - my feet are dry, and they're comfortable. I should buy kids' boots more often (boys, I might add) they're cheaper and did I mention they are so comfortable.

It just started snowing again, quite heavily. Yay! Now I'm inside I can be happy and smug and not getting snow in my eyes and ears. Joy.

In other news: DSU brownies still rock my world. My essay on Old Norse Mythology is apparently technical and could be a very good essay (don't you hate it when people say that, especially with the accent on the 'could', you know they're thinking: 'this would be good if someone else were writing it, but as it's you I suppose we'll have to hope for vaguely coherent'). And I got a 65 for my craptastic attempt at a comparison between Blake and Coleridge, despite the fact I used Blake's Songs, which (I heard the tutor telling the person before me) are a little too simple for use at a University level. Admittedly, in order to pull my degree up to a first I'd need to drag that mark up to a 75, but that's doable right (if I avoid the stupid grammar mistakes and the paragraph long sentences... right?)

So I'm screwed if I want a first. Oy vey. C'est la vie and all that jazz.

I want to play in snow, but I have two essays to write.


If I curl up into a ball and lie on my bed with my fingers in my ears, do you think the essays will give up and go away?
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I have Maid Marian and her Merry Men on DVD! The sheer awesomeness of this is incredible!

For those of you who may be reading this who are not native to the UK, Maid Marian is a live action children's programme from when I was little. It was written and created by Tony Robinson (Baldrick from Blackadder) and it's the true story of what happened in Sherwood forest.

Robin is an inept tailor, who didn't really want to become an outlaw, but didn't have a choice in the matter after being used as a hostage by Marian. He only agreed in the end because Marian said he could design the costumes. His ineptness has a habit of making the Sheriff look like an idiot though (he can't fire a bow and arrow to save his life, but when he fails at it his arrows end up going in amusing places). Marian's really in charge but no one believes that, everyone thinks it's Robin. It's completely insane and I love it... also, there's Barrington (Cat from Red Dwarf)! It is brilliant and wonderful and there are COMICS and KARAOKE! and EASTER EGGS! Oh, and King John has a skull and crossbones on his crown and his earring.

I had forgotten how brilliant it was. There are so many jokes I wouldn't have got when I was younger.

And the theme tune!

#Ma-arian... you've got to Ca-arry on, with what you're do-oing, because there's a-always trouble bre-ewing. You've got to f-ind a way to make a better da-a-ay, Whoa Marian!#

It is ridiculously difficult to remember the theme tune when listening to Wagner.

Yes, I did say listening to Wagner. I have a seminar on it on Friday. I know, I know, I do English Literature and Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen is neither English nor literature... apparently it counts in Germanic Myth and Legend though. The only problem is - I don't understand opera, really, at all. Nor do I see the point in it (I know, I am a philistine and an infidel)... So if anyone can help out, please? I would be eternally grateful. Or just where I could find it somewhere that isn't Youtube.

I'm listening, but I won't be able to say anything in the seminar. I don't understand what they're singing about, so how am I supposed to know what's going on. I wish I'd brought Maskerade up with me. I have the strange feeling that reading about the Ankh-Morpork Opera house would make this easier to deal with.
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I know, I know, I just posted. But a few seconds after that I think I had a revelation, and not about Merlin!fic, so - different post.

I don't think I want to do an MA.

This isn't really that much of a revelation, but, while I really really want to put off joining the real world for another year, I don't think that doing an MA is going to make anything easier... and I doubt that I'll be interested enough in doing it to make it worthwhile, or stop myself from killing myself because of it.

I think I knew I wasn't going to do it, somewhere at the back of my mind, but I insisted I had to keep my options open, and it was the little panic button I pressed whenever I realised that the world was coming to get me in less than a year's time.

This all came up because there's a meeting for the MA today... in approximately twenty minutes. It's not an in or out meeting, just a talk, as far as I can tell, but I was late anyway, I haven't had lunch and it's half an hour's walk. I'll talk to my friends who are going about what it was like, and I may even text one to fetch me some stuff - because safety nets, even when you know they're not real, still make you feel a little better - but I honestly don't think I want to do it. I don't think I should do it, either.

But then that leaves me with the question of what I do want to do... which leads to a little voice in my head screaming and sobbing as loud as it possibly can.

Dude, the real world terrifies me...
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Okay, so the TV license thing is sorted. Apparently it's the TV licensing people who are being idiots, because I contacted the landlords and they say they've paid it. It's in the contract as well (I checked) so if the TV people do come round I shall point at clause 3 and give them the landlord's address. ^_^

However, I have just realised that I need to have a complete title for my dissertation to be handed in by next Wednesday and I need to have agreed on this with my dissertation supervisor by then... having arranged a meeting I haven't arranged yet. ^_^;;

Everyone point to the person who's really really really screwed. *points to self*

I need to email my dissertation supervisor yesterday... and I'm still putting it off.

I do, however, have Zeppelin II now, which I am listening to. Woo! I also just educated one of my housemates in classic rock (she'd never heard stairway to heaven... O.o;;). I might have demanded that she sit down and listen... I didn't tie her down or anything. But I forced her to listen to that (she liked it - obviously) and the full version of American Pie... and a little Cheap Trick various other things.

There will be Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight, which I am looking forward to. However the recipe was chosen and will be prepared by someone who is lactose intolerant. We're looking into getting her some counselling for her obvious suicide wish.

I have also found the perfect present for my brother (or me) only it's £120 so I am left staring at it longingly and being all mopey. Given that his birthday is on Monday it's a little late anyway. Perhaps I should send him an email saying 'this is what I'd get you if I were rich. LINK to awesome present.

I have no idea why I'm posting so often at the moment, probably some sort of procrastination technique from pretty much everything.

I had my seminar this morning, which I was nowhere near prepared enough for and it turns out that, as I am one of only two people in the class who has studied Old Norse previously I need to prepare a presentation on Old Norse Poetry for next Friday Morning. *groan*

That's pretty much all. I may post again once I have watched Spn 4x06 (which I know nothing about. I'm actually quite happy now. The only spoilers I had were for an earlier episode so now I am blissfully spoiler free again (hence default icon).

I'm going to go now... I have to email people and generally lament the fact that I have done no work...
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Okay, so first thing's first. I did get the day wrong for my tutorial meeting. I admit that, mea culpa. But as it turned out, that was probably a good thing.

I went along (and as I was walking two strange things happened, but I'll mention them later) turned up and, naturally, no one was there. I apologised profusely to my lecturer and she was very kind (she's probably my favourite tutorial person in the department) and looked up when my tutorial should be for me.

Of course, then we look down all the lists on the university online site and found that I was not signed up for any of them. The system had deleted my name.

Then I had the fun task of going to speak to Margaret in the office. I was fully expecting her to tell me that I was an idiot and i obviously hadn't signed up for any grou. On the contrary, apparently this has happened several times. The system has randomly decided that it doesn't like some of the students and deleted us from its lists.

I love computers!

So she phoned up another lecturer (because all the groups with the lecturer I wanted were full) and asked if I could join his. Which is all very well except the meeting is at 5.30pm tomorrow, it's a half hour walk (at least - depending on traffic) there and over half an hour (uphill) on the way back, and it's my cooking day.

But at least I'm in a tutorial group now.

Other, less annoying, but mildly more creepy events include: as I was walking to this tutorial meeting, at the top of the road a guy in a white van asked for my number... well actually his friend asked me to give him my number...

One of my housemates apparently feels that it would have been funny if I had given it to him, because then I might have been phone stalked by strange white van man.
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Packing is so much more difficult when you're juggling it with watching Supernatural. I have however, cleared all my packed bags out of my room so they will not distract me while I watch it. However, my brother just took his headphones back so I'll be stuck watching it with the ones that you have to hold in a very specific way in order for them to work.

I need new headphones, but I go through them so quickly. They barely last a year with me because my fingers fiddle with the cable and I end up breaking them. Woe... woe

I'm mostly packed, apart from bedding... and a pair of shoes I can't find. Hmm. I've looked everywhere for them, and for my icelandic necklace and neither seems to be turning up. *sigh*

I need new shoes as well, all three pairs I own are falling apart.

As are my jeans

and most of my socks.

I hate shopping... but there's no time to do any now so :P HA! I'll just have to wait until Christmas, or shop in Durham... or walk around naked.

I'll see how it goes.

This time tomorrow I'll be back in Durham. I don't know if I want to go back now... :(

It's my final year and I'll admit to being a lot little bit bloody terrified about it. I have to decide what I want to do with my life!
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Okay, so I have A Literary Theory Essay to write (on Feminism, because that seems easy and there were books in the library) for Tuesday. Easy - 1500 words, except I also have an exam in Old Norse on Wednesday afternoon that I have not started revising for (this consists of 1 unseen translation, 3 seen translations and an essay question - in two hours) and a Victiorian Lit essay for which I have read no books, for Friday.

I also need to decide on modules for next year, and also look at stuff for my two summative essays for over the Easter holdiay because I'm going to need to take my secondary sources home. I have not yet booked my train.

In slightly better news (as in stuff I did while procrastinating from my essays) I signed up for [ profile] remixredux08. I was very lucky with my assignment in that the person shipped the same way as me, if with a different tone. But did I go for my pairing? No. Oh and I now have LOTS of story. It needs serious editing and I can't write NC-17.

Also had the Informal Ball last night. I was Vitalstatistix from Asterix. Lots of people got very very drunk. It was... tiring.
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I am being dragged to the English Department Garden party tonight. It'll probably be fine, but it sounds to pretentious.

Ok... so there's a chocolate fountain - good. There are strawberries - good. There's a possibility I might meet someone as geeky as me - good.

However, there's a large gathering of arts students, who have just got their results. (I passed btw). There's croquet. There's boules. Now, I have nothing against either of those games as games, it's just the impression that they give me of the atmosphere. I am no good at things that are pretentious or sophisticated, and I am also no good at talking to people who are in positions of responsibility and the tutors and lecturers are going to be there.

I might have to talk to them. WHy could there not be science students? I know how to deal with science students, they don't have in depth conversations about Charles Dickens and Romantic Poetry.

If only I drank alcohol then this night might be a little bit more than unmitigated hell.

I hope it's a good chocolate fountain.

Perhaps I should take a notebook.

I wish I had an ipod. I know I'd look antisocial but I am antisocial.

I think this may call for my college hoodie and old jeans. Scruffy seems the way to go.

I know it won't be as bad as I think it's going to be, and I know I'll be able to escape if it is, but still... I don't know most of these people and there isn't even going to be music loud enough to drown out the inane conversation. Plus, I don't introduce well. I tend to talk about how sheep are taking over the world, and why so and so must have been kidnapped by aliens.

I hope the few people I do know stick close.

There's going to be freaking croquet.

But then I'm going to watch the season finale of Supernatural S1 with people who haven't seen it before.
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Okay, simple request for information here. I wrote some Harry Potter gen fanfic here. Seeing as I've never really left the domains of Remus/Sirius before I'm wondering where exactly to post it... I might be able to get away with putting it in [ profile] remusxsirius but I'm not sure. Anyone got any ideas? It's Marauder era, humour.

In other news... my results come out tomorrow. Joy. I get to see whether I have to spend August (and a lot of money) on resits. I sincerely hope not.

Ah well... only 21 hours 15 minutes to go. Hardly any time at all.

I also drew HP fanart... I just reread all the books... I haven't been able to scan it in yet... but I drew the Marauders as Musketeers and CHIBI Charlie and Bill Weasley with their Uncles ^_^ and James and Lily. I'm going home on Saturday so connecting my scanner now would be an exercise in uselessness. I'll post them up next week when I'm back at home.

Ah home... decent food, how I miss you!

(I'll conveniently gloss over the bit about getting a job, heh.)

I think I might go doodle some more.
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I am so hyper... off two pints of coke. I don't know why! But that isn't what's put me off coke. That would be Mike, doing a centurion of it. He is sooooooooo hyper it's almost unbelievable, he's also beginning to have chest and muscle pain.... I think that much coke might be toxic. How much is 100 shots exactly? WIKIPEDIA.... lol

*bounces* Darn I have 4 hours tomorrow - and that may not seem that much to anybody else but I'm a lazy arts student and it's one on one off all day, which is annoying, there are expletives to go there.

I'm so hyper I'm listening to Meatloaf at full vol on my headphones and restraining myself from singing along because it would irritate my neighbours. But Bat Out of Hell should be YELLED. I can't swear - it's lent and I gave it up again. It's not going too well. I gave up chocolate as well.

Back to the centurion - 8 of them tried it, 7 finished. one on Strongbow, 4 on Carlsberg/Carling, I think they changed half way through because the bar ran out, two on worthingtons, though they misjudged and ended up on stringbow as well and one... one on coca cola.

I am playing imaginary drums - I can't play the drums! I've been hanging around with Christophe too much... aaaaargh.

I ended up timing them from about half way through. I have to say, the Philosophers' drinking song was appropriate, and the muppet treasure song was cool, or would have been if hey hadn't kept getting the verses mixed up. However, half of my corridor knows what I was doing, so they probably have some very strange ideas about me now. I didn't realise how late it was, I meanit's not late going by usual university standards, but I thought it was about 10, although if I'd taken the time, they'd started after 9 and there was a shot a minute for 100 minutes, so, heh.

#On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?#

Now everyone around here's in their room and I have nothing to do but post on here, read fanfic and watch TV.... and uh, listen to Meatloaf. dunuhnuhnuhnuhnuh etc....

and sway.... lot's of swaying.... you can tell when I get really hyper, I over use ellipsis.... heh, and there ends up being four rather than three. At least my fingers aren't quite tripping over each other. There was mutterings of centurioning a sh... a fourletter word face... which would be completely impossible. They'd be soooooo dead. There's also been discussion of a yard of said swearwordface drink, which might very well knock you unconscious.

Saturday was Aidan's day, and it kind of rocked... there was orange, and games and everyone (bar me and a few other select people) got completely hammered. Martin was on 22 drinks. And he was fine the next day.

I'm still typing frantically. Other things - season 2 of spn, not as good as season 1, but that's always the curse of the second season, I imagine it will - sorry clapping time - just remember that you have no sense of the time I'm am writing this in, whoops. Oh dear.

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.... I need something to do other than sit and restrain my voice.

BUt writing in this state would be a bad idea - can you imagine the sugar induced CRACK that would churn out? No, I can.... maybe I should try and choose next year's modules. I haven't mentioned that yet have I. I have to choose the modules for second and third year - NOW, well, by the 16th March, which is the same date as 4 of my essays are due in. The essays I haven't even thought about yet. I've half done the one for Friday, haven't looked at the titles for the one for Monday yet.

#And I know that I've been released but I don't know to where... nobody's gonna tell me now and I don't realy care#

ok - calmer, some of the sugar has apparently passed through my system now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. THat was for the module choices thing btw, from the cursory glance I have given said horror the modules all look soooooo boring. I want something happy like 'fantasy worlds' or 'creative writing' Why did I have to choos to go to a university that takes English seriously? It's not a serious subject, it's a doss subject. I DO A DOSS SUBJECT! Maybe I should have been a scientist.

Not the time for that, time enough for that when I CRASH AND BURN. Oh dear, I am using the Harry Potter Capslock o' DOOOOOOOOM (c) That's a problem. NOOOOO NOOO NOT THE CAPSOCK O' DOOM!

It's kind of ironic that that's in the capslock o' doom, huh? Irony - whast an overused word. Does anyone actually know when it's truly appropriate to use it? I sure as heck don't.

Oh, and I met one of my brothers friends in the bar, at least I think he was a friend, he recognised me, which was odd. He came over and sat down next to me and asked if I was me... I said yes. He did Eng Lit too, and is now a post-grad. I should ask my brother about him.

Anyway, I've been typing this for long enough now. 26 and a half minutes to be precise - yeeeeeeeeesh.

That's the thing about music, it tells you timingness, which is not a word. It's almost midnight and I should be tired, but I'm really not. Did I mention I got one of my pints of coke free? Oh dear, I can feel an ache in my chest now as well... Considering how many pints Mike had his must have been so much worse.

325g of sugar apparently in 100 shots.
383mg of caffeine... the lethal dose is 10g... so he was nowhere near that.

The lethal dose of sugar is 3 quarts.. what does that mean? approx 3 litres? Uh a gram ~ 1ml, 325ml of sugar... ok, still nowhere near there. That helps.

How many pints is 100 shots? 1.5 fl. oz. in a shot glass, a pint is ~20 fl. oz. 150 fl. oz. /20 = 7.5... no way, that's ridiculous, there can't have been that much.

take it as the smallest shot glass - 100/20 = 5 pints, that's more reasonable, but still, that does throw all my previous calculations off. Uh... 2/3 of everything above. Why did they not calculate this before hand and plan accordingly? so it's more like 200g of sugar and 260mg of caffeine... Why am I doing maths at half past midnight. Maybe I should just delete the last part, but then all my hardwork and research would be for nothing.

I am not waiting to crash, I can feel that it's going to happen soon, my fingers are beginning to get tired and I think I've been writing this out for at least an hour now. Oh dear, maybe I should stop, but I'm not sure how to, I could probably keep typing until I fell asleep at the keyboard if necessary.

Wow, the maths up there is probably so screwed up. I don't particularly care though just as long as I never do that. Too much sugar, too much caffeine too quickly.

The alcohol was bad too, but I can't be bothered to work that out. How many units in a pint?

Strongbow - 4.5% ABV 2.556 units a pint, 5 pints.. 12.78 units
Carlsberg - 3.8% ABV 2.1584 units a pint, 5 pints... 10.792 units
Worthington - 4.4% ABV 2.4992 units a pint, 5 pints... 12.496 units

Lethal dose 400ml upwards. unit - 10g of alcohol... 12ml now apparently =10g so

Strongbow 12.78x10=127.8 Ans/12=10.65 Ansx10=106.5 ml So, 1/4 lethal dose...
Carlsberg 10.792x10=107.92 Ans/12=8.993(rec) Ansx10=89.93
Worthington 12.496x10=124.96 Ans/12=10.413... Ansx10=104.13

hmmm and you process a unit an hour... so it's going to take them approximately 12 hours to stop being drunk, or 13 indeed is they drank the Strongbow, so they finished at 11.30pm... until 11.30am tomorrow, or 12.30 depending. Admittedly it took them an hour and 40 mins, so possibly a little before that, I'm not entirely sure how it will work.

That is too much maths, and I need to sleep cause it's almost one, so I've been typing this for an hour and a half about. Suffice it to say they should still be drunk in the morning. Of course, the maths is probably wonky... very wonky, but I'm not really in the mood to care right now. Sleep time.

Great, and I have to get a packed lunch tomorrow, sucky.

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Wow, I haven't properly posted on here for ages, I guess university is a little more time consuming than I imagined.

I thought I was going to hate it - I love it. Admittedly the course is a little blah, and I don't have much opinion on it, but I would not change St Aidan's for anything, no matter whether Josephine Butler wants more students, uhuh. #There's only ooooooone Aidan's college! There's only ooooone Aidan's college! Walking along, singing this song, walking in an Aidan's wonderland!...#

I sort of miss it already, although, now that I'm home it feels like I've never been away, although, getting used to typing on an actual keyboard instead of a laptop is odd, and I keep making typos. My touch typing is really still intact however, as long as I don't think about it too hard. Things always fall apart when you think about them.

News that I have not had time to announce yet... Christmas, well, B-Ghetto unofficial Christmas anyway. I got presents! YAY ME! I got notebooks and glitter and gel pens and Dr Who DVDs (original series, Tom Baker) who knew they knew me so well! Tom, who I know got me the Dr Who DVD rocks, but I'm thinking I haven't been appreciative enough in front of him. I suck at thanking people, it makes me embarrassed. So I think everyone OTHER than him knows how much I love the present. Whoops! The C-curve secret santa, I got a fridge magnet (Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate) from Laura (although, as George pointed out, how do I know it's the only planet with chocolate?) and The Importance of Being Earnest on DVD... again - they've known me 10 weeks and they can buy me that? I'm not sure who got me the DVD... I think it was a guy, I don't know why. I suppose it could have been anyone. But I've only had conversations about Oscar Wilde with B-ghetto, so how does that even work? Is there intercorridor secret-santa communication going on? *SHOCK! HORROR!*

Anyway, if anyone from university knew this existed I'd say hi, but they don't, and none of them has a lj, crazy people.

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare. The only train that was cheap and not in the middle of a lecture left at 5 to 7 and didn't get in until quarter to eleven. It also involved standing on the almost deserted Tamworth station for (supposedly) half an hour in the dark. Fun fun! However, the second train was quarter of an hour late, so I almost froze to death. There weren't even any seats. brrrrrrrr. Plus my bag weighed a ton, which made getting on and off the train an experience, luckily a very nice guy on the second train helped me lift it on the baggage rack. In the first train I sat opposite a guy who had downed a bottle (a large bottle) of vodka and missed his stop. That was quite creepy. Maybe next time I just skip the lecture. Although, I did read 'All My Sons' in the afternoon, and made noodles, and had nonsense conversations with all the people who were staying behind a couple of days. I wonder if they've starved yet... Or maybe resorted to cannibalism.

To all my friends here at home, who DO know this exists, but probably aren't still reading, or indeed paying any attention. Where are you all? I presume we're meeting up some time. If anyone organises anything please remember to tell me, I do hate to be left out. How have your first terms been? Who isn't going back after Christmas? Who's been to hospital? Who has trophied a traffic cone? Who has dyed their hair purple?

I want chocolate... *sulks* and there isn't any here.

I want people... conversation,

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It has taken me SO long to get the Internet, all sorts of registration queuing and quarantine. But finally I have it, and the first thing I did - MSN, of course. No one was on, but nyeh.

Having a good time here in Durham, which is a surprise really, as I was sort of dreading it. I've even found people who are kind of as insane as me. ^_^

Tonight is the first time I've been in my room before 1.15 am, we've been up talking, playing Uno and watching Spooks (I found Spooks fans, everything is alright with the world). There were togas involved tonight, and drinking games, which are kind of pointless when ou're drinking coke, but considering the amount of stuff that went into the bin juice (so called because it was served out of a bin) I'm rather glad I don't drink. Coke, Fanta, Cider, Vodka... and other stuff. Everyone's pretty much wasted now apart from the select few who stood and watched. The rest are either comatose (literally) or down in Walkabout. How they plan to get back up the steps is anyone's guess. They'll probably catch the night bus.

That's another thing. My friend was right - THIS IS HOGWARTS. I am in Hufflepuff, and if the atitude is anything to go by, Hufflepuff aren't a load of old duffers, they're just too busy suffering from hangovers to care. Seriously, in town we have the Hog's Head, opposite the Mugwump. There are robes, and a castle, and we had a giant badger. No sorting hat but the college is kind of like a boarding school so *shrug*. I'm at (a rather more alcoholic) Hogwarts... with corridor cricket... and strange trolleys... and a bar.

I've got my first lecture tomorrow, and I think that I know where it is. That is, I hope I know where it is, because if it isn't there then I'm screwed. Sadly it's the module I'm not particularly interested in and it's the module no one else is taking. Looks like I'm going up and down the steps by myself. But it's not until the afternoon, so it'll all be fine.

Should get some sleep, catch up on the past few days. How everyone else is doing it I have no idea.

Nice to be back to my regularly scheduled programming, so to speak: I was beginning to get twitchy without my Internet fix.

Good night all.

What's the betting I get woken up in an hour by the clodhopping feet of Freshers returning from Walkabout? Quite high.
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Right, the dreaded day is finally here. I am going to Durham - yay! And if I could ever say that with less enthusiasm I think I'd be dead. I have (finally packed) I am off in... half an hour, although we don't get there til tomorrow.

Stupid Durham arranging Fresher's week at the same time as the Great North Run.

I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of stuff... oooh my Maltesers. See - I knew I had.

Am I the only person in the world who can make a room MORE messy by taking stuff out of it?

Anyway... no Internets for a few days. Goodbye and Good Luck to all those also going this weekend.

But, to paraphrase one of sunhawk's fics. My nervous breakdown is scheduled in for approximately 2pm tomorrow.

If I can just keep my mind off things til then...



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