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I voted for the first time yesterday - and no, I'm not going to tell you who for. It was all very anticlimactic and had me thinking 'I've been waiting 18 years to be an adult and do this. Quite ridiculous.

It was amusing however when Mum gave the wrong address to the register woman. She said that we lived in a street we haven't lived in for 11 years. She now thinks she's going senile, and I'm not entirely sure I don't agree with her. 11 years. This is our second address since that one. There are similarities between the names but we have been living where we are now for about 9 years.

I'm also regretting that so many people on my friends list are Supernatural fans, because the finale aired last night and now there are spoilers EVERYWHERE on my friends list - okay so maybe joining a theorising community was not the best idea when I live in the everso slow and backward UK, but still...

But I'm being a good girl, all I know so far is that there is some sort of denouement which someone on my friends list wasn't expecting. But then again, that could have been sarcasm - it's so difficult to tell on the computer.

I really want to see all the rest of the series - NOW... but something's telling me it's better if I wait and see them all when I'm supposed to see them.

Y'see, if I were American I wouldn't have this problem - I'd see them all the first time they were on.

But then I wouldn't be British, and in some ways being British is highly entertaining.

Right... I should really do more on mine and Hannah's joint fic, because I completely spaced last night, what with the excitement of voting and all.

There are strange sounds in my house - like someone is tapping on the walls when both my mother and I are in bed. I know there's no one in the room they're coming from so what the hell is happening. It's bizarre, because while I'm used to the creaks and groans of pipes this is new.

At least it isn't scratching.


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