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I hate wasps... hate them - h-a-t-e. One got into my room and was buzzing around so I left and got pulled into one of my friends rather revealing, yet highly disturbing conversations about pulling, pints and how much money it would take for people to strip in the middle of the college - with the hall half full of people.

That's not why I hate them though. When I'm outside I can handle it, they have lots of places to go, but when I'm inside they're in an enclosed space with me and there is a far higher chance of them attacking me... and I do mean attacking. I have had nightmares involving swarms of hornets attacking me at my school and killing everyone.

Ok - so that was a nightmare and I know they're not actually all after me, but still: me, small spaces and wasps do not go... ever. So I left, and when I came back it had stopped buzzing but was still in there on my curtain... I was going to leave when it (very slowly) made its way along the windowsill towards the open window - very slowly. v e r y s l o w l y.
It then proceeded to climb all along the window but not go out... so I shut it in the hinges. Which is not a very nice thing to do I suppose but I hate the fucking things.

I'm now all twitchy and keep looking behind me in case it managed to unsquish itself and is coming to get me. Or maybe it's ghost... Tomorrow I shall steal some salt from dinner.

That's a little weird isn't it? ^_^;;

Oh, on the other, less monster infested, side of my life. I have still done very littl revision, and I'm about to start getting worried. I know this would all be fixed if I could just get myself to concentrate on work rather than going on the computer. I may go to the college library tomorrow to force myself to do work not procrastination.

I have never had this much to memorise before, not all of the same type of thing anyway. I used to have to remember equations and methods of doing stuff, not just mountains of quotations. I have no critical stuff to put in my exam. I'm going to FAIL, yet no one seems to realise that just because I can write a decent essay in my room on a computer with the books in front of me and very little pressure does not mean I can write a decent essay in exam conditions when I've got another two to write, I'm writing long-hand and It actually counts towards 1/6 of my year.

*many varied expletives*

I'm so screwed...

and I'm starting to - something. I'm sure there was an end to that sentence when I started it.


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