Mar. 30th, 2009 09:21 pm
mariana: (Rough tough)
Dude, I made shiny new icons (Merlin, Supernatural - all seasons, and even a Criminal Minds icon ^_^) I may have got slightly carried away with the error message icons. But they're just so esay to make, and so much FUN!

I have loads more, but no paid account, so I shall post them on my other lj as soon as I've transferred them all from my laptop, because PRETTINESS!

I may be slightly hyper.

I love icons... don't you love icons. I need to find some decent Merlin caps so I can make some proper Merlin ones as well... not just error ones. Anyone direct me to some HQ caps?

Yes, I should be writing essays right now. :P


Sep. 20th, 2008 10:21 pm
mariana: (Slytherin)
I made icons... lots of icons. Pretty new icons (although I is once again righteously annoyed that my laptop shows colours lighter than my desktop, so everything looks darker now... grr)

However, question - how soon is too soon to start using spoilerific icons for spn?

If I avoid using them here (where most people have not seen episode 4x01 (which is the MOTHER of all episodes of Supernatural EVER and all must BOW BEFORE its brilliance))

Can I post them under a cut on my writing journal?

I have a few new icons I made that aren't spoilerifical, and I've put some of them in. But there are some that I long to use because they're so pretty...


Until then... I shall use a new shiny HP icon and wait impatiently for 4x02 so I can make more icons and woe over them too.

(Oooh - watched Merlin on the Beeb tonight. T'was entertaining, but not something I'll get hooked on - I don't think anyway. It's an enjoyable 45mins on a Saturday night)

(Also... I've finally stopped worrying so much about getting spoiled for spn... well, mostly, and spoilers for Dr Who have started up... damn!)


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