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So, I spent most of the morning making hot cross buns. Which was fun... and you know, essential in a Good Friday sort of way.

Alright, so my Mum made hot cross buns and I kneaded some dough, but that still counts as making them!

Yesterday I went out to try and get something to wear to my aunt's 60th birthday party tomorrow... I failed miserably, as most people could have predicted. My Mum was trying to get something too, so it mainly involved her saying 'what about this?' and me saying 'no' or 'eurch' or 'If you bought that I would have to burn it.' And then I had a dizzy spell in the middle of the shop which lasted for the rest of the day... approximately 8 hours. Mum's sure it's psychological and I've decided I'm allergic to shopping, Dad said not to let it stop me being sociable (since when have I let anything make me be sociable?) It wasn't dehydration because I downed about two pints of water when I got back. Eating made it a little better, but then it got worse, and it's just started coming back again just now. And I didn't have a headache or dizziness this morning, really, at all. Maybe I'm just really really anaemic, but no red meat today because it is Good Friday and no one eats meat on Good Friday.

In other, less annoying news: I have a 21st birthday cake - with dragons on it, and books ^_^ Eee! But no keys because Mum forgot the keys. I shall post pictures of it as soon as the camera batteries are recharged because it is awesome.

And my housemate who wasn't sleeping has apparently started sleeping again - yay!

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Date: 2009-04-10 11:20 pm (UTC)
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Sticky buns sound so good.

I hope you feel better hon and the dizziness goes away.


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