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Dude... my housemates rock - I have Dean Winchester's necklace! DUDE.

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And yet I must type something.

Fair warning: this post will be completely non-grammatically correct, utterly lacking in any sort of structure and quite possible punctuated by capital letters, overuse of bold and italics.

Spoilers for Supernatural 4x21 )

Aargh, how am I supposed to wait until next week? Or the week after that if some people are to be believed? Does anyone know whether it's showing next week or the week after? I don't want to check sites in case I get spoiled for the finale. I don't even know the title of the episode (though I have sneaking suspicions) and I'd really prefer to keep it that way.

If it is in two weeks then it's going to be crappy - my last exam is Saturday the 23rd, so I wouldn't really be able to watch it until Saturday afternoon, and you know it'll make my concentration completely awful.

If it's next week then I should have had time to calm down by the start of my first exam... hopefully.

So - Spn 4x22, 14th or the 21st?
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Wow... two posts in one day, I'm in danger of becoming active.

Just finished watching the Scrubs finale. I can't believe it's over - for real this time.

And they didn't screw up the ending. It was cheesy, but it was Scrubs cheesy.

I always feel like this when a series ends that I love. I was never obsessive about Scrubs and I've mostly watched it on and off, but it's kind of weird.

Then I thought about what it's going to be like this time next year watching the last episodes of Supernatural.

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I've sort of got used to being uncertain in the first few minutes of an episode whether I'm watching Supernatural or Criminal Minds. They tend to start in very similar ways and it takes me a good five to ten minutes some weeks to stop thinking 'Aaah! Ghost!' and instead think 'Aaah! Serial Killer!' (and then Spn does one of its not so supernatural episodes and I just get completely confused).

This wasn't one of those weeks, although it did remind me a lot of a certain season 1 Spn ep (those of you who watch both will know what I'm talking about).

Behind a cut in case anyone cares about Criminal Minds Spoilers ) There should be more ninja!Hotch...

That said: anyone know of any other secret ninjas? I have Hotch and Harry from Spooks, both of whom cover up their AWESOME NINJA ABILITIES with suits and ties and then, when forced to do so, become EPIC STEALTH WARRIORS. There have to be others.
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I was weak... very weak. My will power is non existent and I watched the SOON part, however, that said, not including that in this post - there may be another shorter one for that, but this is purely 4x20.

Spoilers )


Spoilers: Further Notes on Castiel )

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...and got myself a Dreamwidth account. I'm mariana over there. I'm almost certainly not moving, I've been here far too long and I do love my lj, but since lots of people I know are splitting themselves between work and here. I haven't done much with it as of yet.

Oh... and what insane person decided that I needed to pick up my graduation robe at least 1 hr 45 mins before my 9am graduation? (and it's a good half hour walk from my house, so that means leaving at at least 6.45 in the sodding morning, because it also seems to say that you have to get it on the day (I am definitely going to ask them about that).

I'm guessing that I won't be bright eyed and bushy tailed on my graduation photos.
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Things that are bad:
referencing the gorram essay that should have been written six weeks ago.
Having to get up early to print off said gorram essay before going to 9 am seminar.

Things that are good:
9am seminar is on LotR (Dude, I am totally going to get my geek on... *rereads last sentence* ...I am so sad).
Pepsi Max (which totally makes me better at writing, because I got firsts for the last two last minute Pepsi Max fuelled essays I wrote).
The shop across the road from us now sells the new galaxy bars with cookie bits.
There is new Potter Puppet Pals.
The Hunt for Gollum is available online from this weekend.

In conclusion - life is good.
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It is times like these, when I'm comparing Henry James and Neil Gaiman, and managing also to write an entire paragraph about Liberty being a bitch who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses, that I remember why I did this subject.
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Facebook is evil.

Someone posted a primary school pic of my class and it's led to people deciding there needs to be a reunion. They're all saying 'oh, remember the good old days,' and 'it's been too long'.

I feel like someone out of a cheesy American film, but as far as I'm concerned it hasn't been long enough. I hated my time at that school. It was probably the three worst years of my life. Secondary school was fine, the two schools I went to before that were okay, but that one school was hellish.

So I'm just going to ignore it and hope it goes away... ugh.
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I appear to be substituting lunch and work with chocolate and watching House.

*shrug* Oh well...
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I refuse to be ill. There, take that body. I have neither the time nor the inclination to lay about feeling sorry for myself. I did enough of that before I got up this morning. I don't care what you think you're doing, I am not ill and I will not be overruled by a sodding temperature and sore throat.

That said -

I finally got around to watching some Leverage yesterday, after having seen hundreds of thousands of prompts for it in [ profile] comment_fic. I'm not bowled over by it though, I mean, the characters are quite cool, but it just feels like I'm watching Hustle with more explosions. And the plot twists aren't as well hidden as in Hustle, and they're not quite as professional, really... despite being, you know, professional. In hustle those people who might give away the game are never visible to the mark, the roles are kept up until the mark is completely out of sight and...

Yeah, I know, I'm complaining and they're not the same show... except for how they kind of are:

Criminals who help people out by taking money from evil corporations/people? Check

Barely acknowledge attraction between the main male character and one of the female characters? Check

Wildcard character? Check (Danny & Parker... and that new bloke in Hustle, whose name I can't remember)

Looks like it's going to fail until you find out through flashback that really they knew what they were doing all along? Check.

Token person from across the pond? Check (Napoleon Solo vs. Jane from Coupling)

All of that said, however, it's quite enjoyable, and well done, although they do blow things up a lot, and there are many guns. Mickey would not be impressed.

(PS. One of my housemates' boyfriend accidentally overdosed on superstrength paracetamol *facepalm* He's in hospital, but he's fine now... and we will mock him for this mercilessly because honestly - accidentally overdosing on paracetamol? How do you do that?)
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Dude... remix is back... and there are exams and big bang and essays and graduation and... but it's remix.

I am so totally screwed.

(and I was just thinking yesterday about how if remix didn't happen I'd have to start a Merlin remix comm because I am insane)

Someone please tell me that I'd be an idiot to sign up. Please. Force me not to - because otherwise I will and then everything will go INSANE. But it's remix and it's so awesome, and if I can convince them to let Merlin in then - DUDE.

Please tell me not to do it.

Oh, also, because I am apparently appalling at replying to individual comments but I will do when and if I get my brain in gear: thank you to everyone who said happy birthday! ^_^

(and PS. you should all be very very annoyed with [ profile] shino_hoshi - she got me a SWORD It is awesome and cool and pointy (but not sharp) and I have already almost decapitated my light... and my stomach, and my elbow. And my mother is trying to pretend it does not exist. ^_^ Bwahahahahahahahahaaa!)
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Had a great birthday - despite the extended family and the three hour squashed car journey, but this is more for EPIC 21st BIRTHDAY CAKE SPAM!

My Mum decorates cakes for a hobby and she's done loads of cakes for her side of the family. Wedding anniversaries, christenings and 21sts. My brother got himself being attack by daleks in front of the TARDIS. I got dragons... ^_^

Warning - the pictures are kind of huge.

Let there be Cake )
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Why can I not listen again to The Now Show? WHY?! I could do it two weeks ago. But now the BBC has changed its website around and I can't listen to it and I'm getting a little annoyed and I want my radio comedy dammit! I want my radio comedy now! I ultimately fail at everything even approaching podcasting because it always tells me that it doesn't work, and no doubt tomorrow my father will decide that we want five live on in the car and...


This small mental breakdown was brought to you using the technology of livejournal. Usual service will be resumed shortly.
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So, I spent most of the morning making hot cross buns. Which was fun... and you know, essential in a Good Friday sort of way.

Alright, so my Mum made hot cross buns and I kneaded some dough, but that still counts as making them!

Yesterday I went out to try and get something to wear to my aunt's 60th birthday party tomorrow... I failed miserably, as most people could have predicted. My Mum was trying to get something too, so it mainly involved her saying 'what about this?' and me saying 'no' or 'eurch' or 'If you bought that I would have to burn it.' And then I had a dizzy spell in the middle of the shop which lasted for the rest of the day... approximately 8 hours. Mum's sure it's psychological and I've decided I'm allergic to shopping, Dad said not to let it stop me being sociable (since when have I let anything make me be sociable?) It wasn't dehydration because I downed about two pints of water when I got back. Eating made it a little better, but then it got worse, and it's just started coming back again just now. And I didn't have a headache or dizziness this morning, really, at all. Maybe I'm just really really anaemic, but no red meat today because it is Good Friday and no one eats meat on Good Friday.

In other, less annoying news: I have a 21st birthday cake - with dragons on it, and books ^_^ Eee! But no keys because Mum forgot the keys. I shall post pictures of it as soon as the camera batteries are recharged because it is awesome.

And my housemate who wasn't sleeping has apparently started sleeping again - yay!


Mar. 30th, 2009 09:21 pm
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Dude, I made shiny new icons (Merlin, Supernatural - all seasons, and even a Criminal Minds icon ^_^) I may have got slightly carried away with the error message icons. But they're just so esay to make, and so much FUN!

I have loads more, but no paid account, so I shall post them on my other lj as soon as I've transferred them all from my laptop, because PRETTINESS!

I may be slightly hyper.

I love icons... don't you love icons. I need to find some decent Merlin caps so I can make some proper Merlin ones as well... not just error ones. Anyone direct me to some HQ caps?

Yes, I should be writing essays right now. :P
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... Awesomeness.

Spoilers Spn 4x17 )

AND I had no spoilers for this episode, which makes me blissfully happy.
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I am merely dividing my time between my laptop which has all of my stuff on it, the house desk-top which has the Internet and staying away from a computer for long enough that my parents don't start nagging at me about eye problems and addictions again...

Comment fic addiction has, however, got out of hand. I now have the four from before PLUS

3 more spn fics
2 more Merlin
2 Gundam Wing comment fics... seriously.

and I have considered writing umpteen more Spn, several more Merlin and at least 1 Sky High and at least one Being Human - which I don't write in.

Oh, and the last of my findable hair ties died today so my disturbingly long hair is now going everywhere because I did not get round to getting it cut (what with the dissertation and the shiny shiny Internet). Seriously. It almost went in the toaster today. That would have been bad of epic proportions. But the hair was rescued, the bagel was toasted and I emerged victorious.

(Also, have rewatched spn 4x16 and I love it even more... just saying. Will make icons b/c visually incredible.)
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Okay... so I have become a comment!fic slut. Really, In the past two days I have written: 1 Merlin angst fic, 1 Merlin smut fic, 1 Merlin fluff fic and 1 Spn Apocalyptic fic (yay for getting back into Spn writing).


I should be finishing packing. My train is at 12.38. Instead I'm sitting here looking for more prompts to write. *facepalm*

I suck at life.


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