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Wow... yesterday I felt like shit. My head was burning up, but the rest of my bod was freezing. I barely ate, I couldn't concentrate (even on Gundam Wing - see how bad it was!) and I had a headache, a sore throat, bunged up ears and nose, and a cough. I'm fairly certain I was a few degrees off reaching delirium before I went to sleep. I was lying in my bed feeling particularly detached from everything. It was decidedly odd.

I was ill for a couple of days before that too.

I would like to apologise formally to everyone waiting for me to do things. I moved into my house (I'm renting a house how insane is that?!) just under two weeks ago, and was assured that the Internet was working. Turns out there were a few minor glitches, though, add those to going round to other people's houses for parties, barbecues etc, and then being ill in an eye burny- ow the computer screen hurts sort of way and it pretty much equals me being online very very little. Now however, apart from a few lingering cold symptoms, I am fine. Although my hand eye coordination seems to have gone. I keep spilling water everywhere... when you're sitting at the computer that's not a good idea.

Anyway, I will be posting to spn_crackfic later this evening and either finishing off that challenge or giving people a final date... depending.

oh - SUPERNATURAL SEASON THREE STARTS TONIGHT!!!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* and yes that dd deserve the capslock. Of course, I won't be able to watch it immediately, but still zomg!

Oh, the NaNoWriMo sign ups have started. For those of you who haven't heard of it, that's National Novel Writing Month. 50000 words in a month, it is possible, believe me! And even if you don't succeed it's an incredibly fun thing to try.
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Ugh, last night was not nice. I could barely stay asleep for very long I was so hot and I had this weird dream involving me and my friends from university running away from people down staricases in college that don't exist. Then we had an apocalypse machine or something - not that it actually destroyed the world, it just exploded with glitter. That sounds so unlike me.

We all had a key and a part of a code and the aim was to get as many other people's keys and codes so that you could turn it off... it all seems a little stupid really... but it was big, metal and spherical with flashy lights. *shrug*

I woke up and couldn't eat breakfast, had a temperature of 99.8 and since then I've been lying around trying not to do anything. Just took my temperature again, thinking it would be lower - it's actually 100.2, and even the clacking of the keyboard keys is too noisy for me.

I have to go shopping this afternoon though, and post letters, and tidy my room. And I'm supposed to be making dinner tonight.

I should probably get off the computer now, I think that that's only making it worse.
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Okay, today offically sucks.

I was helping computerify the library, which was boring but fun in a mindless drone work kind of way. But I was in quite a bit of pain all morning (I think I over stretched some of my leg muscles in trampolining yesterday) Then at about break time-ish I began to feel sick and when we went back it got worse so I asked if I could go home.

I got told begrudgingly by Mr C. that I could if it was really that bad, so off I toddled home feeling like sh*t.

I then took two ibuprofen for the pain and a glass of water, and I was beginning to feel better when I threw up.

Before that I was kind of worried I was blowing it out of proportion but now I thinik I was right to come home. I'm also not going back into school today.

Sorry for abandoning you Spud and Jecky but, although I am feeling a bit better now I'm _not_ coming back today.

I feel awful, but at least my brother gave me a hug so that's one thing that makes me feel better.

I'm probably being pathetic about this but, anyway **shrugs**. I'll probably be fine tomorrow.

See you when I see you.


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