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... Awesomeness.


And yes, that did need to be in caps, because it's about time. I could just about handle the Dean mopage up until now, but after last week I was about to stab myself in the neck with a pencil hurt something.

With a bit of luck, this will be the tremendous kick in the arse Dean needs to go back to kicking arse. I want him saving people, hunting things again. I want him as excited about all of this as he was in the first season. I want Sam'n'Dean back, and I want one of them to read Good Omens and go 'huh'.

So the last one's unlikely... but it would be one of the best ways of getting them to think that the apocalypse has 3 sides rather than just 2.

ANYWAY, back to the episode at hand. I'll have to admit that I was a little distracted throughout by 'what's going on? When are they going to fix it? DEAN GET OUT OF THAT CAR!' Honestly, Dean cheating on the Impala - made my blood run cold. However, while one part of my brain was obsessing over that and whether it was a demon trying to keep Dean and Sam off the playing field or Cas trying to show them... well, what actually happened, I suppose, the rest of my brain was thinking a combination of 'aww' and 'lol' and 'That's why I like Sam.'

I'm a little ashamed of the last one, really. But people keep complaining that Dean without Sam sucks, I... mostly agree with that. But, I find that Sam without Dean sucks just as much (if not more, but I'm a Dean girl, so please don't shoot me). I can handle my Dean alone IF it means that he's not accompanied by current Sam on his own... I don't particularly like Sam this season.

I don't think I realised it until this episode but I like my boys having fun, both Dean and Sam. That unmitigated glee they had at killing that ghost - that was perfect. Sam being all scandalised by his friend (aww) stealing stationery - awesome. Sam asking people if they'd switched it off and switched it back on again - worth every second. Dean... just being not!Dean.

They were both back to being the people we liked in this episode. Sam was earnest and trying to help people and uncover things that people don't want to uncover, Dean was a self-righteous jackass nothing like himself, but still, there was that core to him that loves doing stuff like that. The little geeky side which pieced things together and worked out that it was the gloves and that liked the Ghostfacers.

I miss them, and I hope that this means they'll be back a bit, having re-examined everything and decided that they are awesome and they should continue being awesome and stop the apocalypse with their awesomeness and screw everybody else. They managed this episode alone (except from a little help from... themselves via the ghostfacers) and they needed that boost, I think. I think we all needed that boost.

I'm not sure what I think about Zachariah, I'm not sure what I think is going to happen next. I do know that I loved this episode though and I'm ridiculously grateful for it, because I don't think there's going to be much lightheartedness left this season.

A few more points:
- Bob, Ellen and Jo: PURE BRILLIANCE
- Why did no one comment on the fact that Sam was way too muscled for an office worker?
- I am still not into Wincest... despite the fact that I laughed and grinned manically at the comment in the lift.
- So I miss Castiel... sue me
- I still want Lilith, dammit.
- Dean's shirt disturbed me... and his braces... and his hair.
- So Castiel is still playing for heaven, if he told his superior about Uriel and Dean's crisis... interesting.

AND I had no spoilers for this episode, which makes me blissfully happy.
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